Mr. T Is Tweeting Inspirational Comments About The Olympics & Can He Just Be A Commentator Now?

Brad Barket/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

One of the best things about watching the 2018 Winter Olympics is hearing the commentary that comes along with it. Official NBC correspondents like Johnny Weir, Leslie Jones, and Tara Lipinski offer up interesting facts, hilarious puns, and an vibe of excitement that just adds an extra level to the telecast of the games. They make it even more fun to watch. While they're all fantastic, though, Twitter is really the place to be when the games are on — some of the reactions can make watching the Olympics extra special. And this year, some of the best tweets are coming from the person that many least expected: Mr. T. Yes, as in the "I pity the fool" guy. Mr. T's inspirational 2018 Winter Olympics tweets are so great that they are honestly proof he should be the next Olympics Commentator.

Many may know Mr. T as an actor (he made it big when starring in The A Team in the '80s), but he's also a retired professional wrestler — so he knows what he's talking about when it comes to all things sports. He's been tweeting about the Olympics since they first began (specifically, he loves watching curling, and has been hashtagging many of his tweets with "#curlingiscoolfool) and there is something genuinely adorable about his excitement for the Games and the athletes involved. All of it has many thinking the same thing: this guy needs to do official commentary for the next Olympic games. It's not completely out of the realm of possibility — after all, Leslie Jones scored her commentary gig after her hilarious tweets during the 2016 Olympics in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Need more proof that Mr. T was made for an Olympics commentator position? I've got it, via his Twitter account. Just look at what Mr. T had to say about the Opening Ceremony:

So sweet and inspirational!

What Mr. T is really into though, as I mentioned before, is curling. Judging by his tweets, he loves curling. It wouldn't be strange to say Mr. T loves figure skating, snowboarding, or skiing, the three most popular Winter Olympic sports — everyone loves those — but curling? It's one of the events that makes you wonder how a person got to a point where they decided they wanted to dedicate their entire lives to perfecting it.

It's also kind of confusing — it doesn't get as much play as the bigger sports, because most viewers don't fully understand what it is. Curling consists of teams: Members of the teams sweep large, round, flat stones across the ice towards a mark using brooms to control the speed and direction of the stones. It doesn't hold quite the same appeal as, say, half-pipe tricks or figure skating quads. So why is Mr. T so into it? We'll let him explain:

Honestly, this is the best plug Swiffer Sweeper ever could have asked for.

All very fair and good points! Mr. T also seems very invested in the most popular athletes of the show, like when he fell for figure skater Adam Rippon (like the rest of us):

Look how encouraging he can be!

Seriously, though, Mr. T has had the absolute best inspirational quotes and reactions to the games. It's enough to make you wonder if he was a motivational speaker in another life — or if he should become one after the games are over. Just check out some of his more inspired quotes:

Honestly, the next time I fail at something, I want Mr. T by my side:

Who knew Mr. T could be the secret weapon you needed to feel more confident in yourself no matter what?

On top of that, he also managed to voice the exact same thing we have all been thinking the entire time the Olympics have been on:

So, really, if Mr. T isn't brought on as a commentator for the 2020 Olympics, someone is doing something wrong. He was clearly made for the job!