Here's How To Get A Free Bottle Of Jones Bar-B-Q Sauce From 'Queer Eye'


If Queer Eye Season 3 left you with a craving for a certain barbecue sauce from Kansas City, then today may be your lucky day. On Friday, March 22, Netflix will deliver Jones Bar-B-Q sauce to fans who tweet at the official @QueerEye account, using the hashtag #JonesBBQ followed by a rainbow emoji. Fans who tweet from Los Angeles, New York City, and Kansas City will have their sauce delivered on the same day for free, according to Netflix.

Fans who have already watched Season 3 of Queer Eye will recognize Jones Bar-B-Q sauce as the product of the Jones sisters, Mary and Deborah, aka "Sorty" and "Little." The sisters appeared in the third episode of the new season, in which Tan France, Jonathan Van Ness, Karamo Brown, Antoni Porowski, and Bobby Berk helped them on their professional and personal journeys. Together, the Fab 5 updated the sisters' wardrobes, renovated their restaurant, and put the sisters in contact with the company that now bottles their family's famous barbecue sauce. Dying to try it already? If you happen to be in Los Angeles, NYC, or KC and have a Twitter account, tweet @QueerEye today. You may just end up the proud owner of a bottle of Jones Bar-B-Q Sweet & Tangy BBQ sauce.

Of course, the Netflix giveaway is not the only way to get your hot little hands on a bottle of this sauce. You can order Jones Bar-B-Q Sweet & Tangy BBQ sauce through the eatery's website— just bear in mind that there could be a bit of a wait after you place your order. “Please allow a 7-10 day delay in shipping as we have been overwhelmed at the response and will send your order as soon as we can,” reads the banner at the top of the Jones Bar-B-Q site. Shorty and Little's barbecue sauce has been selling like hot cakes (hot sauce?) ever since their episode of Queer Eye hit the Netflix library last week, and they are doing what they can to keep up with the demand. And it sounds like there is a heck of a lot of demand.

On Monday, March 18, Jones Bar-B-Q announced on Instagram that they’d already sold 11,000 bottles of sauce. The post read:

“Let's talk about the sauce. As of yesterday morning, we sold 11,000 bottles. We averaged 1.7 bottles per minute this weekend. We are feeling so much love and support from all of you. THANK YOU to everyone who ordered a bottle. Your support means so much to us! Now, we're asking for your support in the form of patience. Please allow 7-10 days for your sauce to arrive. To all our friends from around the world asking for our sauce, we hear you! It is one of our goals to start shipping internationally soon. Keep an eye on our page for updates.”

The wait driving you up a wall? Well, thanks to Netflix, you could be dousing ribs and chicken with the sauce as early as today. Can you believe?