Little & Shorty Are Making Even More Big Plans For Jones Bar-B-Q After 'Queer Eye'


Spoilers ahead for Queer Eye Season 3. The moment you've been waiting for — Season 3 of Queer Eye  is finally here. And this time, the Fab Five finally ventured out of Georgia... and into Kansas City. There, they found a lovely pair of sisters — Mary and Deborah, aka Shorty and Little — who can make some mean barbecue. In fact, they run a restaurant that's quite popular in their area called Jones Bar-B-Q. They're so dedicated to their work, though, that when the guys visited, they weren't dedicating any time to themselves, so Tan, Karamo, Antoni, Bobby, and Jonathan stepped in to give them a lesson in self-care, henny.

Shorty and Little grew up working alongside their late father at their family's restaurant. That's how they learned to be the esteemed female pit masters they are today — two of the few that exist in their city. After their father died, the restaurant closed, but the sisters reopened it in order to help Little's daughter pay her college tuition.

Since reopening, they've only gained traction and customers, which is great for the family's bank accounts, but difficult on them as individuals. That's where Queer Eye came in. First, the guys taught them to prioritize themselves, because without them, there would be no Jones Bar-B-Q. Tan got rid of Little's garbage bag-turned-purse and replaced it with something new and sophisticated. They both got makeovers (or as they like to call them on the show, make-betters), and so did their shop. Bobby redesigned the stand and its outdoor space, and in order to help keep customers happy, Antoni brainstormed with them how they could keep their super secret, super special barbecue sauce in stock. They were very hesitant to let anyone help because of how on-lock the recipe had been since their father passed it down. Alas, they wouldn't slide it to Antoni, but resolved to allowing him to set them up with a company that can produce the sauce on a larger scale. Since doing so, they can't keep it on the shelves.

"It's been selling like crazy," Little told The Kansas City Star. "The Fab Five did the first 700 bottles for us and we don't even have any more." According to The Star, they appeared on Steve Harvey's show in December and sold out quickly after that. "We've already ordered another 2,000 bottles and we're thinking of getting more," Little continued.

The whole process came with a lot of change, but the sisters said they were ultimately really happy with the end result. "It's been overwhelming, I'll put it that way,” Little told The Star. "But it's been nice. I'm not complaining because it's really done well for the business." The Fab Five inspired the sisters to get even more creative once they left. "People think it's all just marvelous," she said. "In the summertime we are going to have some jazz out here and they think that's just high heaven. We have some big plans for the summer, we're just waiting for it to get here!"

It doesn't appear that the Jones sisters are on social media (they're busy!!), but from the sounds of it, business is booming, and Shorty is making good use of her new smile.