Get To Know The Young Cast Of 'The A List,' Your Next Teen Show Obsession

by Rebecca Patton
Screenshot via Netflix

Because the show originally premiered on the BBC in 2018, British viewers are likely already well acquainted with the A List cast. But for international fans just tuning into the dark, twisty teen thriller, there may be a lot of new faces onscreen. And considering the show may very likely be your next obsession, you'll want to get to know them stat.

If you're just tuning in, here's what you need to know: the show follows a group of teenagers attending a summer camp on Peregrine Island, which is off the coast of Scotland. After they arrive, it quickly becomes clear something is amiss — either with the other kids there, the island they're on, or both. Amber (Ellie Duckles) and Mia (Lisa Ambalavanar) are the two dueling Queen Bees, but Amber seems to be the more malevolent of the two. "You need to be careful of Amber. She's dangerous. She gets inside people's heads, and then they're not themselves anymore," Mia warns in the trailer.

Overall, The A List looks like an interesting mix between Lost and Lord of the Flies with some serious Midsommar vibes thrown in. Get to know the show's young cast below before The A List hits Netflix on Friday.

Amber — Ellie Duckles

Screenshot via Netflix

Ellie Duckles plays the self-proclaimed Queen of Peregrine Island, where mysterious things keep happening. Before the A List, Duckles also had a small role in the Netflix series Safe — in which she played young Rachel — as well as the ITV show The Bay.

Mia — Lisa Ambalavanar

Screenshot via Netflix

If the trailer is any indication, Mia is the sole dissenter against Amber and her manipulative leadership. In addition to her turn on The A List, Ambalavanar has also been in the British TV series Doctors, where she played a character named Alia Hanif.

However, what the actor likes about The A List is its diverse cast. "I watched American shows like The OC growing up, but there wasn't anyone who looked like me in it," Ambalavanar told the BBC. "If I would have seen this trailer I would have at least started watching it, as I would have seen people who looked like my friends and family — because it represents Britain in modern days and that speaks a lot."

Dev — Jacob Dudman

"One of the lovely things about The A-List is that it's approachable and appropriate for people slightly younger, while still being a cool show," Dudman told the BBC. "You can access it at eight without having the dark aspects of shows like Sabrina, which is aimed at angsty older audiences."

Dudman previously played Giulio de Medici in the period drama Medici.

Alex — Rosie Dwyer

Screenshot via Netflix

"OK, good talk. Enjoy your Mean Girls reboot," a frustrated Alex tells Mia in The A List trailer. Indeed, while her friend is preoccupied with Amber's behavior, Alex is more concerned with the island itself — and why it appears to be growing teeth. She also begins developing a friendship with Petal, which may flourish into something more.

As for Dwyer, she's also appeared in Doctors, Tracey Ullman's Show, and White Dragon.

Brendan — Micheal Ward

"The dominant half of the Zac and Brendan double act, he's the brawn rather than the brains," the BBC describes Ward's A List character. "Despite his considerable bravado, his body (which he takes meticulous care of) may look good but his emotional intelligence still leaves something to be desired."

Ward will also appear in the upcoming Netflix series Top Boy as a character named Jamie.

Zac — Jack Kane

Kane's character (left) and Brendan are inseparable in The A List. The actor has also has small roles in Hobbs & Shaw and Years and Years, and will appear in the upcoming Dragonheart film.

Mags — Nneka Okoye

Screenshot via Netflix

The BBC describes Mags as "a well-meaning Mother Hen who just wants everyone at the camp to get along. There's more to her than meets the eye though and over the course of the series we'll discover that beneath her cheery façade lies a dark secret."

Okoye, meanwhile, has had bit parts in Every Blank Ever, Doctor Foster: A Woman Scorned, Death in Paradise, and (what else?) Doctors, where she played a character named Grace Mensah in one episode.

Kayleigh — Savannah Baker

Screenshot via Netflix

Baker previously appeared in British comedy The Bromley Boys and the 2016 horror/thriller Hallows Eve.

Harry — Benjamin Nugent

Screenshot via Netflix

"A childhood illness left [Harry] with lingering health (and general) anxiety issues, an encyclopedic general knowledge gained through reading whilst in quarantine and underdeveloped social skills," the BBC explains. "He's academically intelligent but he's all theory and no practice, he's never really been out in the world and so it all seems quite scary to him."

In other words, Harry is the The A List's version of Piggy. As for Nugent, he's a relative newcomer, but has had parts in River City and Millie Inbetween.

Petal — Georgina Sadler

"A dreamer and an optimist; she believes in everyone and everything," the BBC explains of Petal. "Raised in the country by an unconventional but loving family she radiates positivity and light."

And it appears as though Petal and Alex may share a romance in Season 1, which will be exciting to watch play out. Sadler herself has appeared in a handful of small projects, but the A List is undoubtedly her biggest gig yet.

Luka — Max Lohan

Luka joins Dev in vying for Mia's affections. This is Lohan's first acting role, with more assuredly to come.

See them all navigate The A List's mysterious island when the show drops Friday.