This New Netflix Movie Trailer Will Give You Serious 'Bridesmaids' Vibes

by Rachel Ann Selvin

It's been seven long years since Kristen Wiig and her troupe of rowdy, tulle-tangled ladies blessed the universe with Bridesmaids — but if you've been missing 2011's irresistible brand of bold, female-centric comedy, you're in luck. Netflix dropped a trailer for its new movie, Ibiza — a beer-soaked girls-trip-gone-wrong tale and maybe the long-overdue heir to Maya Rudolph's delightfully debauched walk down the aisle.

Starring Girls alum and Community star Gillian Jacobs, Ibiza tells the story of 30-something-year-old Harper — an under-appreciated office worker — as she embarks on her first international trip for her job. But when her two besties, played by Phoebe Robinson and Vanessa Bayer, decide to tag along on their friend's European odyssey, Harper's "big meeting" in Barcelona will get predictably interrupted for a spontaneous tryst with one of the city's hottest DJs (also known as Game of Thrones's King of the North, Richard Madden).

Though the full film won't premiere until May 25 on Netflix, the trailer gives a few irresistible hints about its raucous plot. Tossing aside her corporate obligations to chase Madden to Ibiza's island party paradise, Harper ensures that her friends and audiences alike are in for quite the sangria-soaked adventure. Throw in a beach's worth of paper-umbrella-topped drinks and Harper's frantic stateside boss, played here to callous perfection by SNL's Michaela Watkins, and Ibiza looks like a promisingly fresh take on the genre.

Ibiza was created through a collaboration between up-and-coming Hollywood writer Lauryn Kahn and producer/director Alex Richanbach — the multi-talented force behind 2013's We Are Young. Of course, Richenbach isn't the only Ibiza headliner known for his wide array of credits. At just 33-years-old, Robinson's already risen to fame as a podcast host on 2 Dope Queens and the author of a New York Times bestselling memoir, You Can't Touch My Hair: And Other Things I Still Have To Explain.

Bayer, who's snagged credits on everything from SNL to blockbusters like 2015's Trainwreck to cult-favorite Portlandia, has basically been a trailblazer for funny ladies everywhere since well before her unforgettable cameo on The Mindy Project. And Jacobs, who you'll probably remember as Adam's aloof artist girlfriend Mimi-Rose Howard from Girls, has been keeping her Community stardom alive through TV roles on Bajillion Dollar Propertie$ and Judd Apatow's Love.


Ibiza's highly anticipated premiere comes on the heels of other notable new women-driven comedies, like Dude, which Netflix debuted, appropriately, on April 20. Featuring Pretty Little Liar's Lucy Hale, Dude focuses on a hilariously sarcastic group of pot-loving California friends preparing to graduate high school and weather the changes in their relationships as they head off to college. You'll also recognize Hale's side-splittingly funny co-star, Awkwafina, who's sure to steal the show in Oceans 8 alongside Sandra Bullock, Rihanna, and Mindy Kaling, to name just a few. Love, Simon's 26-year-old Alexandra Shipp rounds out the cast, helping make Dude the perfect Netflix marathon material to help tide you over until Ibiza's premiere later this month.

Though fans will have to wait until the film drops in May to find out how Ibiza actually compares with Bridesmaids, the trailer drops a few very promising hints. Based on teased clips, including that tummy-turning shot of Bayer's deeply unfortunate encounter with a splattering of bird poop, Ibiza looks like just as raunchy and riotous a ride as Wiig's iconic story – though, of course, one sadly missing Melissa McCarthy's incomparable brand of bawdy humor.

Fingers crossed for a sequel, where Bayer, Robinson, and Jacobs do a little dress shopping with Life Of The Party star — just don't eat that infamous BBQ beforehand.