This New Dating App Gives Back To Women's Charities


While it seems like there's a new dating app on the market every other day, the idea of one that gives back to women's charities is really intriguing. And dating app Sweet Pea says they want users to make real connections and have open conversation in a truly inclusive environment.

"The idea of Sweet Pea came from the most memorable interactions I've had with strangers — from acquaintances to significant others, these interactions were all started through conversations that caught my attention, made me think, made me laugh, or were just generally engaging in some way," Sweet Pea CEO and founder, Michael Bruch, tells Bustle. "As we increasingly turn to smartphones for everything from socializing with friends to meeting new people, I want to make sure these kinds of nuanced, meaningful social interactions don't get lost in translation.”

And how do they do it? Well, there are a whole lot of options you don't normally see on dating apps.

Icebreaker Questions

There are 'icebreaker' questions that aim to get you talking— and video stories to get a better feel of the person that you're talking to.

“It's surprising how many matches on dating apps don't lead to any sort of conversation or real connection," Bruch says. "As a result many dating apps make people feel more lonely than they were before they got on them. Practically speaking, Sweet Pea makes starting a conversation easier, and has the effect of making connecting with someone new online a more expressive, less anxiety filled process.”

An Inclusive Environment

They also aim to create a safer and more inclusive environment, to help soothe any anxieties around dating. This means there are over 20 gender identity options, so more can be represented. Not only that, features like 'Hush' flag offensive messages so you can choose if you want to open them— and 'Driver's Seat' helps you control your privacy settings to decide if you want to be messaged first.

I like the idea of giving back some of your autonomy in dating apps. In fact, 'Intentions' lets you filter through to make sure you're only getting matches looking for what you're looking for, with over 50 filter options. So less time wasted.

They Give Back To Women's Abuse Charities

And, even better, Sweet Pea is partnering with organizations like The National Domestic Violence Hotline, Loveisrespect, and RAINN to give 10 percent of profits to groups that help people escape toxic relationships and reclaim their lives.

"The charity connection is a strong reflection of our company ethos and goal, which is by helping everyone find and form healthy, happy relationships," Bruch says. "Domestic abuse is an extremely under reported and drastically underfunded public health crisis. If governments won't step up to adequately solve public health problems, businesses and individuals will need to step up and contribute where possible. Given our focus on relationships, this is an area where Sweet Pea can help create awareness and change.”

It's great to see a company, especially one in the dating field, to give back and help people nurture healthy relationships. So if you're looking for a different experience or feel overwhelmed by traditional dating apps, take a look at Sweet Pea and see if it's a good fit for you.