New 'GOT' Season 7 Photos Have Arrived

The winds of winter just blew in new Game of Thrones Season 7 pictures, and oh, are they ever enticing. As reported by Watchers on the Wall, the new photos featuring the three principle camps in Season 7: the Lannister twins, Team Daenerys, and the Starks. While the new photos aren't wildly different from the first batch, they seem to establish the primary players of Season 7 as Cersei, Daenerys, and Jon, with extra emphasis being put on Daenerys' long-awaited homecoming to Westeros.

Hands down, the most emotional photo has to be the one that finds the Dragon Queen kneeling down and touching the soil of her homeland. After six seasons of hard-fought battles, dragon kidnappings, and heartbreaking betrayals, the last true Targaryen has finally returned to Dragonstone. Just because she and her people have made it to the Seven Kingdoms doesn't mean Cersei is going to hand over the Iron Throne though. If anything, the eldest Lannister looks more determined to hold onto her power than ever before in the latest photo of her epic new strategy map. With only Jaime and the zombie Mountain as her true allies, Cersei's quest is not going to be an easy one. There's also a new photo of Jon doing what Jon does best — making brooding look super cool.

Check out the new images below and prepare to be hit by a whole new wave of Season 7 theories.

Cersei & Jaime Mapping Out A Plan

Cersei's now famous room-sized map of Westeros makes another appearance. However, the newly-minted Queen doesn't look too pleased in this particular photo. Sure, she has wine, but does she truly have Jaime's loyalty? It looks like her brother might be telling her something she doesn't want to hear.

Daenerys Is Winter Ready

Daenerys' new ensemble is simply stunning. It looks like she may be at Dragonstone in this photo, and the Targaryen's outfit is both winter and war-ready. The Lannisters had better be prepared for a fight.

Jon Gets Serious

I'm just kidding, Jon is always serious. However, with snowflakes falling on his over-sized cloak, he's looking more and more like his uncle/adoptive father Ned Stark. However, the King in the North is glowering even more than usual in this photo. He looks like he could be heading for a confrontation with someone — perhaps Littlefinger? The Season 7 trailer made it clear these two men will clash.

Daenerys Is Home

Finally, Daenerys is home. This photo is loaded with so much meaning. The Mother of Dragons has been fighting to make her way to the home she was forced to flee when she was just a baby since Season 1. Now she's made it, and she appears to be so moved she has to kneel down and touch the soil just so she can believe she's actually there. Let's just hope Westeros deserves her.

The July 16 Game of Thrones Season 7 premiere can't get here soon enough.