These New 'This Is Us' Season 3 Photos Will Get You So Hyped For The Premiere

Attention Pearson family devotees, new This Is Us Season 3 photos have arrived, and everyone seems to be in a good place. After last season's emotional finale, the Big Three appear to be celebrating their birthdays. Meanwhile, as promised by Dan Fogelman during an August Emmys panel, Jack and Rebecca's first date will be the subject of the first episode's flashback. Oh, and if that's not enough reasons to get excited, the premiere's title has been revealed too — "Ave Maria."

The term "Ave Maria" translates to Hail Mary, which is a famous Catholic prayer. Football fans will know there's also a Hail Mary pass, which is basically a last ditch effort. According to USA Today, a preview of the season premiere that was shown to critics and Emmy voters revealed that Rebecca and Jack's first date is actually an awkward affair — at least until the end. Their less than perfect first outing could be where the episode's title comes from, but every member of the Pearson family is preparing to take a chance this season.

In the Season 3 trailer, Kate makes it clear to Toby that she wants to have a baby, while Randall and Beth are working hard to make sure Deja knows that she has a home with them. Meanwhile, Kevin is in a new relationship with Beth's cousin, Zoe, and at some point, they'll be heading to Vietnam to learn more about Jack.

This Is Us Season 3 doesn't premiere until Tuesday, Sept. 25, but the first photos from "Ave Maria" are full of hints about what's ahead for the family this fall.


Deja's Smiling

Deja ended Season 2 by smashing up Randall's car after Toby's mother thought Randall was her biological father. While she surely still has some obstacles ahead of her, Deja appears to be in a better place at the start of Season 3.


Kevin's On The Interview Circuit

Today Show host Natalie Morales appears as herself in what looks like an interview with Kevin about his new film. Could she ask him about Jack's military history? Maybe this interview is what inspires Kevin to dig into his father's past.


Kate's Birthday Party

The Big Three will be celebrating turning 38 in the season premiere, and as revealed in the trailer, Kate has a special wish. She tells Toby she wants a baby, which is sure to put them on an interesting path.


Beth & Randall Remain Relationship Goals

Another season, another shot of Beth and Randall being basically the most perfect couple on TV.


Rebecca's Carnival Look

Per USA Today, Jack and Rebecca's first date takes place at a carnival, which explains Rebecca's candied apple. She's also looking a bit bemused — by Jack, maybe?


Jack & Rebecca In The Rain

It looks like Jack and Rebecca's date might get rained out.


Toby & Kate Having A Discussion

It's safe to say that Toby and Kate are probably having the baby talk here, at least judging by the look of determination on Kate's face.


Deja, Annie, & Tess Getting Their Art Project On

Please let the girls being working on decorations for Randall's birthday. The cuteness would be too real. Although, it kind of looks like something could be up here since only Annie looks excited.


Kevin Takes A Call

Since it's his birthday, Kevin could be talking to one of his siblings, but that smile suggests Zoe might be on the other end of the line.


First Date Jack

Jack Pearson on his first ever date with Rebecca. It's a beautiful thing, right?


Birthday Randall

Balloons, that stance, and Randall's grin all scream a happy birthday boy.


Beth's Morning Look

Beth appears to be making breakfast and probably smiling at her super happy husband here.


What's Up With Toby?

It's not immediately clear what Toby is doing in this picture, or what he's thinking. Is he having breakfast with Kate? Or is that a pen in front of him? It definitely looks like something's up.


Serious Kate

From the look on Kate's face, it seems that Toby might not be entirely on board with her baby plans.


Beth & Randall In The Waiting Room

Going by the abundance of puzzles, books, and stuffed animals, it looks like Randall and Beth are in the waiting room for a child psychologist, pediatrician, or an adoption agency. It's possible that Deja could be seeing a counselor, or maybe Tess is since she struggled with all of the changes in the family dynamic last season.


Smiling Jack

This could be the moment that Jack makes his Hail Mary pass to make sure Rebecca stays in his life forever. One thing's certain, he definitely looks smitten.

With the Season 3 premiere just a couple of weeks away, it won't be long before fans know what exactly "Ave Maria" is all about.