The New 'This Is Us' Season 3 Trailer Will Make You Weep With So Much Joy

Something strange is afoot in the new This Is Us Season 3 trailer — the Pearsons are happy. No, seriously. In the 30 second clip, there's not a scene of crying or heartbreak to be found. Sure, the opening moments are devoted to a voiceover recap of Season 2's saddest scenes, including Rebecca finding out about Jack's death. But for the most part, the latest This Is Us teaser is all about the positives, and that's definitely a relief.

In August, series creator Dan Fogelman told USA Today that the Season 3 premiere will balance lighter elements with the show's usual tearjerker moments. He explained, "There is joy in it, in a different way, because we're playing different storylines and I'm really excited about it."

The theme of new beginnings began with the Pearson family letting out a collective breath at Kate and Toby's wedding last season. Now it seems they're ready to truly start new chapters of their lives, and according to the preview, those new chapters will include Randall giddily celebrating turning 38, Kevin and Zoe giggling together, and Kate making a wish for a baby. The Big Three aren't the only ones who are ready for a fresh start, though.

Now that the mystery of Jack's death has been solved, the show can focus on other eras of the Pearson family patriarch's life. One of those areas just so happens to be Jack and Rebecca: The Early Years. In the same USA Today interview, Fogelman revealed that the season premiere will feature the couple's first date, and the teaser features a blink and you'll miss it scene that might just be their first kiss. Commence swooning now.

Since this is This Is Us, there are sure to be plenty of tears in Season 3. After all, the show still has to solve the mysterious "she" mystery from the future timeline, and Kate and Toby's parenthood journey will coincide with Toby's depression. Add in Kevin's journey to Vietnam in order to find answers about his father's early years, and you have the perfect recipe for all of the tears.

That being said, the hopefulness found in this teaser makes it feel like Season 3 is ready to embrace the more joyous moments in life. Kevin's found love with Beth's cousin (which will no doubt lead to amazing stories), Deja is going to be sticking around now that the talented Lyric Ross is a series regular, and fans are going to see Rebecca and Jack's early courtship. After two seasons spent waiting to find out how Jack died, the relief of having that mystery solved is palpable in the teaser.

It feels safe to say that This Is Us seems to have a renewed sense of energy in the teaser — not that the show was ever in any danger of running out of steam.

Season 3 of This Is Us premieres on Tuesday, Sept. 25, and while the new trailer is short, it does give viewers a taste of what's to come. And the best news is it looks like the Pearsons will have their share of happy moments this year, which is something everyone can look forward to.