New 'Twin Peaks' Photos Are Officially Here

It's happening again. In only two short months, Season 2 of Twin Peaks will be coming to Showtime, a revival 25 (OK, really 26) years in the making. And if you weren't already excited to return to David Lynch's wonderful and strange town, Entertainment Weekly released new behind-the-scenes photos of the Twin Peaks cast. Commence screaming... possibly in ecstasy, but possibly also Doppelgänger Laura-style at how everyone's aged over the past two and half decades.

Which, I mean, isn't anything to be shocked or enraged at, aging is the natural progression of life and all. We couldn't realistically expect everyone's faces and hair to stay frozen in 1991 (although they'll maybe have to come up with something clever Lynchian explanation for Laura, considering that whole murdered-at-17 thing). Nonetheless, it is intriguing to catch up with the all-grown-up community and see where they might be. Actually, as it would turn out, a lot of them are in the very same place we left off. Twin Peaks will do that to a person, keep them locked in a holding pattern... but it is plausible that things are not what they seem.

Showtime will take us back into the woods officially when Twin Peaks returns May 21, 'til then, take a quick drive-by with these pictures (and check out the three exclusive EW covers featuring more of your old faves).

Lynch Directing James Marshall

It would seem that Marshall hasn't shed James Hurley's biker image (or at least that biker jacket). Not sure where his hair went off to, though.

Shelly & Norma At The Counter

These two beautiful blondes are still holding court at the Double R Diner (best pie in town). I maintain the highest hopes that the ladies are free of their respective unfortunate marriages.

David Duchovny As Denise

Before his turn on X-Files made him a household name (and '90s heartthrob), Duchovny was the shining star of Season 2 as DEA agent Denise Bryson. She looks like she's still hard at work, and added a new wig to her arsenal.

Lucy & Deputy Andy, Still On The Job

Did Lucy ever have that baby? Did Andy stick by her side and raise the kid? I would assume that's a soft yes, otherwise this moment looks really, really uncomfortable. I'm glad Lucy still has some exciting cardigans left in her closet.

Deputy Hawk

Hawk has gone stark white (usually a red flag in Twin Peaks, but I'm chalking this one up to the whole aging thing we talked about). But still a Bookhouse Boy through and through, I'm sure.

Gordon Cole & Albert Rosenfield

Lynch's little cameo as Cole means we're slated for a whole bunch of shouting, while Miguel Ferrer's role as Rosenfield will be slightly sad in the wake of his recent passing.

From these photos, it's clear a lot of the original cast is back. Fans will just have to wait and see how much has changed when the show returns.