Niall Horan & Louis Tomlinson's Tweets To Each Other Have One Direction Fans Freaking Out

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The One Direction guys may be busy with solo careers these days, but that doesn't mean that they won't make time for some brotherly teasing when the opportunity presents itself. As first reported by Billboard, on Saturday, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan tweeted about rapping, much to the delight of their fans. The conversation began when Tomlinson weighed in on a band competing in the U.K.'s X Factor. Tomlinson tweeted, "I like these little Irish lads, but enough with the rapping."

And suddenly it was on, because Horan is an Irish lad too, and he is apparently proud of his rapping skills. Tomlinson's former bandmate tweeted back his faux outrage,

"Stop talking about me like that, I’ll rap if I want. You know I can spit bars."

One Direction fans understandably started freaking out. Given how busy all of the former boy band members are these days, there's not nearly as much interaction between them as there used to be (at least not on social media). That makes the moments when they do engage with one another all the more special, and that goes double for any conversations surrounding Horan's rapping abilities.

As soon as Horan tweeted about his ability to "spit bars," One Direction devotees were ready with gifs and squeeing, making the weekend a glorious one to be devoted to 1D.

Because the situation wasn't adorable enough, the guys continued their back and forth. Tomlinson fired back the perfect response,

"lad you're forgetting I taught you everything you know #raplife #donnysoldier"

And much to everyone's delight, Horan didn't argue. "True dat!! Forgot the Yorkshire lads are known for rap as well hahaha," Horan tweeted to his pal. Clearly, these two are still BFFs, even though they no longer spend as much time together as they did when One Direction was still performing. Even though the beloved boy band is currently on a hiatus while the members chart solo careers, the Horan and Tomlinson appear to remain close.

Plus, their fans are as devoted as ever, and they definitely have a GIF for every situation, as their reaction to the great rapping debate of 2017 illustrated.

Some Fans Were Ready With Proof Of Niall's Rapping Credentials

Come on, anyone who can jam to "Gangsta's Paradise" with that much commitment has some serious skills. You do you, Horan, and don't let anyone tell you that you can't "spit bars" when you want to.

Other Fans Were Just Excited To See That Horan & Tomlinson Are Still Total BFFs

Their friendship is so pure. And so memeable. Their fans were on the ball when it came to producing the perfect memes to capture Horan and Tomlinson's rap banter. From calling for a rap battle to a plea for the guys to become a rap duo, everyone wanted to weigh in on the great debate.

Mostly, it seemed like One Direction fans were just happy to see their favorites teasing each other and chatting like the old days. Band breakups can be messy, as a quick glance at rock history proves, but sometimes the splits can be amicable. Horan and Tomlinson's awesome exchange is further proof that even though One Direction isn't together at the moment, the members of the band still have nothing but respect for another.

Well, that and strong opinions about each other's rapping skills. Twitter user @zayn_vine summed up this epic internet moment perfectly when they tweeted the following flawless GIF:

The One Direction rap battle may be over, but this beautiful moment will live on in the hearts of Horan and Tomlinson fans forever. (Or at least until their next Twitter debate.)