Nick Met Corinne's Nanny Raquel On 'The Bachelor,' But They Didn't Eat Any Cheese Pasta

Jeff Daly/ABC

The night we've all been waiting for on The Bachelor is finally here, and not just because Monday night brought the all important hometown dates. Nope, it's because finally, we got introduced to Raquel, Corinne's nanny. We've heard so much about her and her world famous cheese pasta, and it's obvious that, although it's a little strange for a 24-year-old to have a nanny, she and Corinne are very close. So what happened when Nick met Raquel on The Bachelor? It was every bit as wonderful as I'd hoped.

Raquel first came up over dinner (which was sadly not cheese pasta), when Corinne told her parents that she'd become a running joke among the other contestants. They were pretty shocked, which tells me that she probably is part of their family after working for them for so many years — good news for sure. And then, while Corinne and her dad were chatting about Nick in private (and drinking wine in bed, which was kinda odd, but nothing surprises me about this woman anymore) Nick and Raquel finally got to come face to face.

And just as I suspected, she is a totally sweet woman who seems to really care about Corinne. I may not be Corinne's biggest fan, but it was adorable to hear Raquel talk about her.

In fact, she even said that Corinne was like a daughter to her. And, in huge contrast to Corinne, Raquel is a soft spoken woman, so it makes sense that as opposites, they work well together — and that they've developed such an unbreakable bond that's spanned so many years.

My only regret? Raquel did not, in fact, make cheese pasta, which was a huge bummer. Either way, it seems like Nick has her approval... and it's still unclear what will happen once Corinne leaves the nest. If she and Nick get married someday, will Raquel move in with them? I'm dying to know. Here's hoping these questions are answered soon.