Nicole Franzel & Victor Arroyo's Wedding Updates Show They Have Some Tough Choices To Make

Monty Brinton/CBS

It's been about seven months since Victor Arroyo proposed to Nicole Franzel on Big Brother Season 20. The duo first met as competitors on Season 18 and began dating shortly after. Now they're getting married, but don't get your hopes up for many wedding updates from Nicole and Victor. They're taking the planning process very slowly, mostly because of how stressful it is.

On the March 7 episode of their podcast Coco Caliente, Nicole and Victor spoke to wedding planning expert Jessica Sloane about all of their concerns. Nicole said that she struggled with deciding on a location that worked for both her family and Victor's. Since Nicole's family members don't have passports, a destination wedding isn't in the cards, but she also doesn't want to get married in her hometown of Ubly, Michigan. She said that most people from there get married at the local golf course, but after having her prom there, it just isn't her dream wedding venue. She also considered Detroit, Michigan, but said that her family balked at the idea.

Location isn't the only thing that Nicole has struggled with in the planning process. She said that her ideal bridal party has also changed over time. When she was 18, she thought she knew who her bridesmaids would be, but she said that since getting engaged, she'd changed her mind a little. She and Victor were also concerned about the cost of a wedding, especially a destination one, but did seem open to the idea of a destination wedding within the U.S. That way, Nicole's family wouldn't have to get passports just to attend.

Aside from what they revealed in the podcast, Nicole and Victor have stayed pretty quiet about their wedding plans — likely because it's been hard for them to make any at all. But when promoting the wedding planning podcast episode, Nicole made it sound like she and Victor had finally come to a consensus. "After 5 months....WE FINALLY HAVE WEDDING PLANS!" she wrote on Instagram alongside emojis for a map and an island. Perhaps they went destination after all?

If they did, they'd have a lot of places to choose from, considering that the duo recently traveled the world for The Amazing Race. That season begins airing April 17, but it filmed in the summer of 2018 — before Nicole and Victor got engaged. As reported by People, Victor got down on one knee during a September episode of Big Brother. Nicole thought that they were there to host a competition, but Victor surprised her with a proposal.

"Nic, we met in the Big Brother house over two years ago. And right away, I thought you were the most beautiful girl I've ever seen, and I fell in love with your personality. We formed a friendship in the Big Brother house, but our friendship really blossomed outside in the real world. I knew the moment that we had that first kiss in New York that I was in love with you. And even though I didn't win the money, I walked out of Big Brother with the biggest prize of all, and that's you."

Nicole said "of course" to his proposal and the rest is history. Since then, the duo has been spending every moment together and documenting it on their Instagrams. As of January, they still hadn't set a date, but perhaps that's changed in the last few months. One thing Nicole is sure she wants? Kids. "The one thing making us especially excited to tie the knot is the idea of having a few munchkins running around in a few years," she wrote in an Instagram post shortly after they got engaged.

The rest of their wedding plans will hopefully fall into place soon, but there's no rush. They haven't even been engaged for a year and they seem to just be enjoying spending time building a life together. And that's what marriage is all about anyway — no matter what kind of ceremony you have.