Nina Dobrev & Paul Wesley Reunite On 'TVD' Set

by Courtney Lindley
The CW

On Thursday, Nina Dobrev posted an image on her Instagram of (drum roll, please...) The Vampire Diaries series finale script. If you're tapped into news surrounding The CW show, then you already know this. In fact, you probably took a screenshot of it and zoomed in to the best of your abilities, in an effort to get all the possible details you could. Then you probably sent it to all of your friends. And maybe your mom. If I remember correctly, she's very into the show, right? Anyway, as Penny Lane would say, "It's all happening," because on Friday, executive producer Kevin Williamson shared a selfie with Dobrev and Paul Wesley on set.

As a reminder, Dobrev rose to fame on the classic Canadian teen drama, Degrassi (featuring Drake, never forget). When she transferred to the American vampire teen drama, Dobrev instantly settled into the role of Elena Gilbert. She played Elena — and her doppelgänger Katherine — all the way up until the final episode of Season 6. (Not including the voiceover she lent in Season 7.) Of all the ups and downs (mostly downs) that The Vampire Diaries took Elena through, nothing got fans more riled up than her romantic life. Sure, most of her family members died and terrible things happened over and over again in her once-quaint town, but are you Team Delena or Stelena?

If you're Team Stelena, and you often times find yourself reminiscing about Seasons 1 and 2, you're probably feeling some type of way looking at this photo of Wesley and Dobrev — excuse me, sorry, Stefan and Elena together. Are you picturing their early days? That time when Elena was still a cheerleader and kind of had a normal life? When Caroline was *gasp* unlikeable? When Damon was *bigger gasp* also unlikeable — despite his bone structure?

If all the memories of those early days come rushing back, consider yourself in good company. Before Elena was a vampire (I like to call this B.E.V., otherwise known as "Before Elena Vampired"), things were simpler. The Vampire Diaries — though remarkable in its ability to reinvent itself and still stay interesting, new, and fresh after all this time — was something special in its nascent stages. To Vampire Diaries purists, and maybe more specifically Stelena purists, those first seasons have retroactively been concretized as gold. Vampire teen drama gold. They are nearly untouchable.

The series will end after its eighth season with a presumably epic closure, since the final episode is titled "I Was Feeling Epic." Seems pretty implausible that Elena will be able to get out of that coma to return, but then again, nothing about Vampire Diaries is particularly plausible. Including, but not limited to, how the real life actors aren't "technically" vampires, but somehow do not age. Just like actual vampires wouldn't. Think about it.

Realizing that Elena will be returning — and not knowing in what capacity — has brought up a fury of questions and emotions and emotional questions. None of which will be answered until the series finale of The Vampire Diaries airs on Friday, March 10. Start weeping now.