This New Sneak Peek Of Noah Centineo On 'Good Trouble' Is Almost Too Hot To Handle

If you've been sleeping on the recent The Fosters spin-off, Good Trouble, you've truly been missing out. The Freeform drama is not only a fun continuation of Callie (Maia Mitchell) and Mariana's (Cierra Ramirez) stories from The Fosters, it's also got a very special guest coming in for Tuesday, Feb. 26's brand new episode. Noah Centineo's Good Trouble episode is finally here, and based on this new sneak peek, the newly-minted heartthrob is going to cause some problems for Callie.

The promo shown at the end of last week's episode hinted at this conflict, but the newest sneak peek really hits it home. In the promo, it was revealed that Jesus (Centineo) comes to visit the girls at their loft in Los Angeles, but he seemed more intrigued by Becca, Callie's co-worker who she has some serious tension with. Needless to say, she did not look happy to hear Jesus say that Becca caught his eye. And, in this new clip, it seems that Becca and Jesus share much more than just a flirty look. The clip shows Jesus waking up in a stranger's bed — Becca's bed, to be exact, hinting at a night spent together between the sheets.

According to the official synopsis for the episode, this new love affair with Jesus isn't the only reason the tension is growing between Becca and Callie. The synopsis says that Callie and Becca "don't see eye-to-eye on how to address a potential workplace harassment situation for a colleague." That definitely doesn't sound good.

And it's not all bad decisions for Jesus this episode. Another sneak peek seen on TVLine shows Callie, Mariana, Jesus, and Dennis hanging out in The Coterie's kitchen while Jesus tells them about his contracting woes. Dennis gives him some hope, and tells him to go for his dreams, and they discuss a little bit about Jesus' idea for a business building tiny houses. He even mentions the popularity of tiny houses in San Diego, which could mean plenty of opportunity for Centineo to make guest appearances on Good Trouble in seasons to come.

This episode marks Centineo's first return to The Fosters franchise since the series finale. He played Mariana's twin brother Jesus starting in Season 3 after the original actor in the role, Jake T. Austin, left the series. The Fosters aired their last episode on June 6, 2018, and a couple months later Centineo blew up into the internet's favorite boyfriend thanks to the hit To All The Boys I've Loved Before.

Whatever goes down in this new episode, titled "Byte Club," it might have some serious repercussions for Jesus and his sisters. Based on these clips, it looks like Callie could find that working in an office with so much drama is too much to handle — what does one do when one's work nemesis has a fling with one's brother? But if you know Adams Fosters, you also know that they don't just give up when things go South.

Besides, if Jesus causes Callie some grief at work by having a thing with Becca, at least it will give viewers a chance to see him shirtless.