The Nostalgic Movies Leaving Netflix Include The One That Inspired Your Patrick Dempsey Crush


In a true example of art imitating life, the nostalgic movies leaving Netflix in August 2018 are going to be just as hard to say goodbye to as the summer. Right now the weather is warm, the days are long, and any time you want to cancel your Friday night plans, you have The 40-Year-Old Virgin on Netflix as an excuse. That roof party sounds fun, but there's always another perfect summer night, right? And reliving that iconic waxing scene just can't wait.

But come August, not only will each passing day be moving you one step closer to the end of summer, but you'll also be without some real classics on Netflix. We're talking classics from your childhood like Can't Buy Me Love, Adventures in Babysitting, and Help, I've Shrunk The Family, all of which will be departing from the streaming platform next month. But don't stress out too hard! The advance warning means that you have a few days left with them. So make the most of your time with these gems, just like you do with your hard-working air conditioner.

Cherish this final month of being able to complain about the heat, because in no time at all, the days will be crisping up and you'll be missing a young Patrick Dempsey along with your sweaty upper lip. As they always say, you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone, so here are the nostalgic classics you're about to be missing come August.

Can't Buy Me Love

This Disney classic — and one of Patrick Dempsey's earliest movies — came out all the way back in 1987, so get your kicks while you can.

Leaving Aug. 1

Adventures In Babysitting

The 80s cult classic follows a teenage babysitter whose "quiet night in" with the Anderson kids doesn't go quite as planned.

Leaving Aug. 1

Care Bears: Welcome To Care-A-Lot, Season 1

The musical, animated series was created for the 30th anniversary of the original Care Bears, and it can help you reconnect to that inner child in each of us.

Leaving Aug. 1

Finding Dory

Can a movie that came out in 2016 be nostalgic? When it's an instant Pixar classic starring the voice talents of Ellen DeGeneres and many more wonderful people — we're pretty sure the answer is "yes."

Leaving Aug. 1

Help, I've Shrunk The Family

Also known as Wiplala, this film is basically a combo of a bunch of your childhood favorites, like Honey I Shrunk the Kids and the poorly-named The Indian in the Cupboard.

Leaving Aug. 13

Jem and the Holograms, Seasons 1-3

With the animated 80s classic leaving midway through the month, how are we supposed to fill this big-haired, musical-frontwoman-shaped void in our lives?

Leaving Aug. 16

The 40-Year-Old Virgin

The Steve Carell-starring film may have come out more recently than some of the other projects on this list, but its 2005 release cemented it as an instant classic, so it will be sorely missed.

Leaving Aug. 16

And there you have it! All the tiny ways that Netflix is going to break your heart next month. Luckily, you have some advance warning, however, so you can say your goodbyes to each and every one of these nostalgia-inducing projects.