The Obamas' Trip To Bali Is Total Travel Goals

Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Since leaving office in January, former President Obama has gone kitesurfing in the Virgin Islands, yachting in Tahiti, and foundation-building in Germany, but his latest travels have a more familial vibe. This week, the Obamas traveled to Indonesia, where the former president once lived as a child.

In 1967, the former president's mother moved with her 6-year-old son to Jakarta, Indonesia, at the age of 24. According to The New York Times, she moved there to be with her husband, Obama's stepfather. Obama lived in Indonesia until 1971, when he was 10 years old. At that time, he returned to Hawaii, where he was born, to live with his mother's parents.

According to Refinery 29, Obama stopped in Jakarta during his family's vacation in Indonesia and reportedly paid a visit to the Indonesian congress. But aside from the business, NBC News reported Monday that Obama, the former first lady, and their two daughters Malia and Sasha went rafting along the Ayung River in Bali. Obama also reportedly visited Bali's Jatiluwih rice terraces, a scenic agricultural destination that has been dubbed a world heritage site by the United Nations' UNESCO agency. On Tuesday, People magazine shared photos from the trip that also show the Obamas visiting the Tirta Empul temple, which is also located in Bali.

During his childhood, Obama lived on Indonesia's most populous island, Java. It's actually the most populous island in the world, with more than 141 million people calling the island home. Bali, on the other hand, is less populated, but the island is known for tourism. In 2016, nearly 5 million foreign tourists visited the Indonesian province.

Since his second presidential term came to an end in January, Obama has spent much of his time traveling, but he has also gone back to work. In April, Obama gave his first speech since leaving office at the University of Chicago, where he once taught constitutional law. He told the audience that he wanted to "prepare the next generation of leadership."

While it's clear Obama has stepped back into his role with the Obama Foundation, he'll also have some other work to attend to. The Obamas have chosen to stay in Washington, D.C., so Sasha can finish high school there. Meanwhile, both Michelle Obama and the former president reportedly have books in the works, and they have even been offered a position with the University of Michigan football team.

For now, though, they'll continue to set travel goals across social media.