This Clip Of Obama Explaining His Dad Dance Moves Will Make You Miss Him Even More

Brace yourselves, because if you've been missing the previous presidential administration recently, this video of Barack Obama talking about his "dad moves" will totally make you want to throw it back to 2016 that much more. According to Entertainment Weekly, the former president stopped by David Letterman's new Netflix show, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, to talk about life post-running the Oval Office, and even gushed about his daughter's dancing skills.

Now, you probably already know that Obama has few moves up his sleeve (and he sure can carry a tune, too), so much so that the Chicagoan isn't known to back down from any dancing challenge. And when it came to shaking a tail feather on stage with his daughter Sasha and the late Prince (who died in April 2016 at the age of 57), Obama had no plans to sit that one out either.

According to Obama, about three or four months before Prince's untimely death, the legendary singer invited Sasha onstage with him to dance. Sasha, either not wanting to go up there alone or just wanting the company of her father, tugged the former commander-in-chief onstage with her. Obama was taken aback by his youngest daughter's invitation, however, and said it's because the 16-year-old also mocks him for having "dad moves."

The Obama's two-step must have not been too shabby, because there aren't any reports of the Purple One having to kick either of them off stage (á la 2011, when Kim Kardashian got the boot from Prince), and Obama just may have the secret touch. According to the former president, it's all about "staying in the pocket."

"You've got to stay in the pocket," he says to Letterman and his intimate audience. "Because I think everybody here knows, dads who get out of the pocket, and they're trying things that they can't really pull off. And they start doing karate kicks, and all kinds of stuff." Yeah, a dad "getting out of the pocket" definitely sounds pretty embarrassing, but we all know Obama is a little too cool to get that carried away.

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Both heartbreaking and pretty entertaining to hear, Obama's throwback story seems to be just one of many shared during his Letterman interview. According to EW, Obama sat down with the late-night host, who just came out of retirement after an almost three-year hiatus, for an hour-long discussion. Along with talking about his life after leaving the White House, he reportedly also discussed America's current political state.

Other guests slated to appear on Letterman's monthly talk show in the future are Tina Fey, George Clooney, JAY-Z, and activist Malala Yousafzai. And according to the show's description, it will feature in-depth discussions with some of the world's most favorite people. Who knows, maybe fans will get to hear some behind-the-scenes information about the Carters' household, or even a few deets about what Clooney is like as a father. Oh, and here's to hoping Obama shares about his routine now that he's no longer tasked with running the nation — because with all of the free time he now has on his hands, it'd be interesting to know what his schedule is looking like these days.

The Netflix show is sounding pretty cool so far, and honestly, there's no better person to guide these candid discussions that the legendary Letterman. The seasoned host is known for interviewing some of the most high-profile names in the world, and this new, laid-back studio makes for the perfect place to have such personal discussions.

Obama's interview will serve as Letterman's premiere episode, which will air on the streaming platform on Jan. 12. After that, a new My Next Guest Needs No Introduction episode will premiere once a month throughout 2018.