Olive Garden's Breadstick Bouquets Are Back & They're The Best Valentine's Day Gift Ever

by Mia Mercado
Unique food bouquets to treat the one you love on Valentine's Day.
Olive Garden/Harry & Davids

Flowers, chocolate, perhaps a greeting card, and a teddy bear. These are all fine ways to celebrate February 14, but are they the most delicious ways? If you’re looking to up your gifting game, there is a unique Valentine’s Day food bouquet for you yet. We’re talking savory bouquets, snacky bouquets, bouquets made of things you didn’t know were bouquet-able. Meat bouquet? Oh, baby. There are more meat bouquets than you are emotionally prepared for.

Edible bouquets are nothing new. Since first launching in 1999, Edible Arrangements has become so ubiquitous that its stores now offer personal-sized to-go options like smoothies and fruit salads. Though, I’d argue that all of Edible Arrangements’ offerings are able to be eaten on the go and “personal-sized” is merely an opinion. Give me a big ole bouquet of melons shaped like daisies and chocolate-dipped strawberries, and I will merrily parade around town with my plant-shaped fruit.

The National Retail Federation predicts that Americans will spend a record $27.4 billion on Valentine’s Day. Of that, we’re expected to buy $2.3 billion worth of flowers, $2.4 billion in candy, and $4.3 billion on an evening out. Why not kill three love birds with one stone with an edible bouquet for dinner and dessert? Here are 15 food bouquets to treat the one you love most this Valentine’s Day. (Note: The “one you love could most” could certainly be yourself. Self-love most definitely extends to extravagant food bouquets.)


Olive Garden’s Breadstick Bouquet

Olive Garden

After its success in 2019, Olive Garden is bringing back its breadstick bouquet for Valentine’s Day 2020. Starting on Feb. 13, the arrangement of garlicky, buttery carbs is available as part of Olive Garden’s Valentine’s Day Dinner for Two, which comes as a three-course to-go meal starting at $34.99. A limited number of breadstick bouquet wrappers will also be available for people who want to dine-in while still basking in the buttery glow. Even if you choose to make your own breadstick bouquet at home, you can still download a breadstick bouquet wrapper on Olive Garden’s website, which includes designs that say things like “Candy hearts just don’t compare” and “My love for you is neverending.”


A Heart-Shaped Box Of Cheddar Bay Biscuits

Red Lobster

If you’re looking to swap out your standard box of chocolates for something more savory, Red Lobster has heart-shaped boxes of Cheddar Bay Biscuits in honor of Valentine’s Day. Starting Feb. 10, you’ll be able to give the gift of cheesy, herby bread in a heart-shaped box. When you order a half-dozen Cheddar Bay Biscuits to-go from, you’ll be able to select a customizable, heart-shaped box as an add-on for an additional $1, while supplies last. There is truly no greater gift than buttery, cheesy bread.


Salami Bouquet

When you’re ready to take your relationship to the next level, there is a Salami Bouquet from Olympia Provisions ready and waiting for you. What is this next level that requires three or six wrapped sausages? If you need to ask, you aren’t ready for it.


A Reds & Rosés Box


If you hear the words “wine bouquet” and are immediately disappointed when you aren’t presented with a dozen bottles of red wrapped with a bow, this is exactly the Valentine’s Day “bouquet” you seek. Vinebox’s Red & Rosés Box is the perfect substitute for your traditional box of chocolates. It comes with nine glasses of various reds and rosés, which will pair perfectly with whatever dessert, dinner, or salami bouquet you also give your Valentine.


Sirloin Roses

Stop & Shop

If you’ll be in New York, New Jersey, or the New England area on Feb. 14 or 15, you’re going to want to swing by your local Stop & Shop to witness what I can only describe as a cursed Valentine’s Day image in person. The grocery store is offering a handful of Valentine’s Day inspired items like steaks shaped like hearts and, I cannot stress this enough, sirloin roses. Yes, meat flowers. Is it a blessing? Is it a curse? Is it probably delicious? I’ll go with all of the above.


Chip Bouquet

There is no Valentine’s Day gift that keeps on giving quite like a bouquet of chips and other salty snacks. Bisket Basket’s chip bouquet has Fritos, Doritos, Cheetos, basically all the -itos snacks you could want.


Beef Jerky Bouquet

If you haven’t seen enough meat shaped like flowers, behold this beef jerky bouquet. The Manly Man Company is to thank/blame for this beef jerky flower bouquet that arranges a dozen different meat sticks in a pint glass. You can get it in four different varieties: original, teriyaki, mixed, or hot. Unfortunately, it’s currently on backorder, so you may have to slap an IOU on a Slim Jim for your Valentine in the meantime.


Burrito Bouquet


If you’re looking to arrange your own food bouquet, might I suggest a burrito bouquet? Chipotle shared an image of one such food feat on Valentine’s Day in 2017. However, I’d argue you could definitely up your burrito bouquet game by arranging them in some sort of vessel — perchance, a burrito bowl? — and adding a bow on top. Bonus points if your bouquet includes guacamole.


Doughnut Bouquet

Does your sweetie have a sweet tooth but you want to get them something besides candy and chocolate? Treat them to a doughnut bouquet like this one from Harry & David. It includes 10 mini cake doughnuts in both chocolate and vanilla and says “Happy Valentine’s Day” in the best way possible: with doughnuts.


Bacon Bouquet

You thought we were done with the meat bouquets? Think again! Bacon Addict has Valentine’s Day bacon bouquets available in one dozen, two dozen, or three dozen sets. I’d say they are one of the most buck wild ways to wish someone a happy Valentine’s Day, but I’m sure someone’s love language out there is bacon.


Veggie Bouquet

If all this meat has you sweating, you could go for a vegetable bouquet like the radish roses from the aptly named Vegetable Bouquet company. They’ll certainly taste better than a dozen actual roses.


Taco Bell Hot Sauce Bouquet

Back in 2018, Taco Bell had wedding accessories. I know that sounds like a Mad Libs of a sentence, but stay with me. In addition to Taco Bell-themed champagne flutes and T-shirts, the restaurant offered bouquets of hot sauce. While you can’t purchase those premade bouquets any longer, nothing is stopping you from stocking up on Taco Bell sauce packets and arranging a bouquet of your own. Nothing says “you ring my bell” like an abundance of sauces from the Bell.


Charcuterie and Cheese Bouquet

If there is one gift more perfect than chocolate, it is cheese. Thus, this meat and cheese bouquet is perhaps the best way to wish the one you love a happy Valentine’s Day. Cheese is truly the greatest love of all.


Reese’s Bouquet

Don’t want to make someone sift through a dozen crappy chocolates just to find the one in the box they like? Give them this $47 bouquet of just Reese's from Walmart.


A Message On An Apple... Bouquet?

While not a “bouquet” per se — or really at all — Angry Orchard and Potato Parcel are partnering up this Valentine’s Day to send personalized apples to people. Yes, you read those words in that order correctly. You can share your most “unfiltered feelings” on a literal apple that will then be shipped to your desired recipient. If you send a dozen, that’s not not an apple bouquet.

If all else fails, just put a bow on a couple of baguettes and give the gift that everyone will love: carbs.