Jason Sudeikis Hilariously Put Olivia Wilde On Blast For Scaring Their Son On Space Mountain

Amusement parks can be fun for the whole family — until they're not. Whether it be long lines, temper tantrums, or a sub-par plate of nachos, there's a whole slew of things that can go wrong at any given time. Well, Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde took their son on Space Mountain at Disneyland, and it ... did not as planned, according to an interview the couple recently did on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. OK, actually — as per Sudeikis — the hilarious, quasi-disaster that went down was fully Wilde's fault. Nobody got hurt, though, so it's all good now.

While serving as the guest host on the June 12 episode, Sudeikis brought out his fiancé, Wilde, out for a chat. The couple has two young kids at home together — Otis, 5, and Daisy, 2 — and after sharing a sweet story about how they reacted to their dad getting a haircut, Sudeikis turned the conversation and put Wilde in the hot seat.

"Now, speaking of our kids, I do want to take this opportunity in front of a bunch of people to ask you, why do you keep traumatizing our son at amusement parks?" the actor joked. Wilde, clearly embarrassed, feigned several "No"s, and yet, Sudeikis persisted.

"[Olivia] and I took Otis ... for his fourth birthday to Disneyland," he began. "He liked Splash Mountain and we did it again. And then we got cocky and we took him on Space Mountain," Sudeikis admitted, after which he flashed a photo from their ride on the screen.

So, in the pic, Wilde and Otis are seated in the very front of the ride. Otis' face is mostly covered by his mop of golden locks, but you can very clearly tell that he's clutching onto the safety bar for dear life. Wilde's face, on the other hand, is very much visible. "Look at my face! I’ve never been so scared in my life! That’s real mom fear!" she exclaimed.

"And that’s real little boy fear,” Sudeikis laughed. "He looks like he’s in The Ring!" Sudeikis' face, by the way, was also agape in sheer terror, seemingly in disbelief about what was going down.

"First of all, why did we go in the front? That I’ll never understand," Wilde wondered out loud. "Second of all, why did they let him on? There’s a height chart, but there’s no weight chart. So he’s really tall, but he’s really skinny, he’s like a little string bean. He could have flown right out of there. I have never been so scared in my life."

Obviously, neither Wilde nor Sudeikis intentionally meant to endanger and/or traumatize Otis. Poor little guy. Also, they probably wouldn't be talking about it on national TV if he had actually been traumatized. Needless to say, it sounds like it's pretty safe to assume that Otis won't be begging his parents to take him on Space Mountain again any time soon.