Oreo Eggs Just Hit Walmart & They Are An Oreo Cream Lover's DREAM

by Brittany Bennett

If you can't wait until April to go on a hunt for eggs with treasure inside of them, I have some good news for you. You don't have to wait! Oreo Eggs have been spotted at Walmart and this is basically the first sign of spring. Flowers might not yet be blooming but the Valentine's Day candy is being replaced by egg shaped chocolates and marshmallow chicks which can only mean one thing: the glorious return of spring is upon us. And that's enough reason to celebrate with a box of Oreo Eggs ... when you find them.

A box of the creme filled candy was spotted by Instagrammer @threesnackateers and posted on Feb. 13. Each box contains five eggs, all with chocolate shells and filled with creme and cookie pieces. These cookie eggs seem like the best way to bid adieu to winter. But it seems this will be a hunt. The Oreo Eggs are not yet listed as an item on the Walmart website. Which means if you're craving this treat you'll have to check in with your local stores and Walmart to see if it's in stock. Hence, the hunt.

Milka Oreo Eggs, $1, Walmart

But what is guaranteed are other Oreo treats. From coffee creamer to yogurt to Oreo Cookie Sticks 'N Creme Dip to as many flavors of Oreo cookies as you could imagine, there is an Oreo for everybody to find.

To tide you over on your Oreo Egg hunt are a few ~new~ Oreo products. Dark Chocolate Oreos are now a thing all serious chocolate indulgers can enjoy. Another flavor being introduced to the shelves of your pantry is the Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie Oreo. With the powers of chocolate and peanut butter twisted in between the iconic chocolate chip wafers, your craving for something new will be satisfied.

But if you're a fan of the chase and enjoy a game then Oreo has a sweepstakes currently happening that you might be very into exploring. In anticipation of National Oreo Day on Mar. 6 (yes, it is a thing!) products like leggings and lip balm have been released through the Stuf Inside promotion. Each day from Feb. 4 until Mar. 6 you'll have a chance to scan an Oreo. Yes, scan. Technology. It's crazy. Once your Oreo has been scanned, it will reveal if you won that day's prize. Those prizes could range from chapstick to a JEEP Wrangler. Sounds worth eating Oreos everyday for a month to me.

From bite size Oreos to Oreo Churros to Oreo Thin Bites and every single flavor in between, there's not an Oreo that I didn't like. And now is time to be introduced to a new one. The Oreo Egg, full of creme and cookie bits. Which I'm sure, when it's found, we will all make great acquaintances with.

Hopefully we won't have to wait until the first bloomed flower of spring to find the Oreo with the treasure inside. But thanks to the eagle eye of Instagrammer @threesnackateers, it appears that we won't have to.