This Oreo Monster Cookie Decorating Kit Is An Oreo Filling Lover's Dream

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If your love of fall also happens to include a love of Halloween and a love of crafts, then this may just be your dream product. Cookie lovers with a flair for decoration can now celebrate Halloween with an Oreo Monster Decorating Cookie Kit. You can have all the taste of an Oreo, but with your own unique flair as you decorate your own creepy monsters. Think of it as decorating gingerbread man, but Halloween style.

Instagrammer @JunkFoodMom spotted these cookie kits, just in time for the impending Halloween season. "Oreo Monster decorating cookie kit," the post explains. "I’d have to buy a spare pack of Oreos to eat while I’m decorating. Too cute."

It really is too cute — and I would indeed recommend buying a spare roll of Oreos for eating if you want your monsters to ever see the light of day. The kit contains eight Oreo cookies along with eight body cookies to decorate — and of course icing, candy, and gummies to take the decorations to the next level.

Although this particular kit was spotted at Kroger, you can also get the kit on Amazon for around $20. They're perfect if you want to celebrate Halloween with any kids who you know — and that can include your own inner child, if it is demanding Oreo monsters (which it probably is).

If you're a huge Oreo fan, there are plenty of ways to get your cookie on this fall. While the summer seemed to peak with Cadbury-covered Oreos (at least in the UK), I have to say that I think that the Maple Creme Oreos that have popped onto shelves to celebrate fall are even more exciting. Seriously — maple is the king of fall flavors and it has not gotten enough attention since pumpkin spice came to town, so I'm happy to see Oreos holding strong.

Of course, if you're looking for other ways to celebrate Halloween — and I'm assuming you're looking for food-based ways, because they're the best kind — there are so many delicious treats already making their way onto shelves. From Sour Patch Kids Zombies in orange and purple to Cauldron Skittles making a triumphant return, there is candy aplenty to get you excited about Halloween. My personal favorite? The Reese's Halloween Pumpkin that is stuffed with Reese's Pieces is a total joy for any peanut butter and chocolate lover. Stuffing candy with other candy is really something that should happen more often — and I'm the first to volunteer my tastebuds to help try these new creations.

Halloween and fall are such cozy times of year, so for some reason the idea of hunkering down and getting crafty just feels like the right fit. And combining those crafts with candy just makes everything so much better. If you want to put your own little stamp on Halloween, making some personalized Oreo monsters seems like a pretty delicious way to do it. And if you can actually make and decorate monsters rather than just eat the individual pieces in some kind of frenzy then, well, you're a stronger person than I am. Good luck.

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