This '90s-Themed Candle Collection Smells Like Washed Denim And Lip Smackers

Otherland’s nostalgic Carefree 90s Candle Collection has scents like Blue Jean Baby and Glosspop.

What does nostalgia smell like? Paper grocery bags doubled at textbook covers? The first perfume you tried on that had you smelling less like a snack and more like a literal baked good? Is it whatever shampoo Devon Sawa used? If you aren’t looking to relive your middle school days, perhaps Otherland’s new Carefree 90s candle collection will soothe your nostalgic soul... without having to dabble in whatever drugstore body mist you used to baptize yourself in.

2020 is a milestone year of 90s babies and 90s pop culture alike. The iconically 90s Clueless is celebrating is 25th anniversary this year. Many of us are marking our third decade around the sun. (If you heard something, that was just my youth scream-sobbing as it escapes me.) Thus, Otherland tapped straight into peak millennial nostalgia —specifically the carefree and optimistic part of our nostaligia — for its newest candle collection.

The Carefree 90s Collection includes three nostalgic scents: Blue Jean Baby, Dreamlight, and Glosspop. The pastel packaging somehow captures the feeling of getting to buy something you want from the Delia’s catalog. If the names alone aren’t sending you into a preteen spiral, the descriptions of the scents will. Strap in, 90s kids. We’re going back in time.

First up, Blue Jean Baby. Button up your high waisted, light wash denim, and take a whiff of your youth. This is “musk but make it soft and flowery.” Per a product description, this Blue Jean Baby combines scents of washed denim, white musk, and mimosa flower for a candle that smells like the perfect pair of worn-in Calvins feels.

Next, we’ve got Dreamlight. She’s purple! She’s pop princess! Her packaging is reminiscent of that 90s squiggly pattern that makes you to ask your mom for slushie money. Dreamlight combines wild freesia, plush plumeria, and juicy tangerine for a subtly sweet scent. Dreamlight is the girl you want making a mixtape for you.

Finally, in full-90s fashion, we have Glosspop. Glosspop is like if shimmery lip gloss were a smell. It’s like if you could turn your favorite Smackers into a candle. It is the exact level of saccharine you remember your youth to be. This candle combines aromas of strawberry gloss, hard candy, and frosted rose. That is both the most vague and most specific a scent can be. Which hard candy? What is “gloss”? Can roses even be frosted? Yet somehow, I know exactly what this smells like without even a single inhale. Glosspop is the girl Cosmogirl magazine said we could be.

You can buy your favorite scent as an individual candle for $36 a piece. Or, if you want to go full 90s, you can get the entire set of three for $89. All of the candles are made from a dye-free, coconut-and-soy-wax blend. They can burn for up to 55 hours so you can spend a full weekend rewatching “Spice World” on repeat and seeing if you can still rock a butterfly cilp. (You can, trust me.) Like Otherland's entire scent collection, these candles are cruelty-free and contain no parabens, phthalates, sulfates or synthetic dyes. If you’re waiting on an *NSYNC reunion tour to buy these candles, maybe you’ll want to speed up your timeline. The Otherland Carefree '90s collection is only available for a limited run.

If you still want a dose of nostalgia but don’t want to drop almost forty bucks on a candle, you should still check out Otherland’s Carefree 90s site. Bask in the baby blues and pastel pinks. Inject that ticker tape with phrases like “zac <3 taylor <3 isaac <3” straight into your veins. Breathe in the phat energy. Exhale and say, totally.