Panera's Summer 2019 Menu Includes Lobster Rolls & Strawberry Caprese

There are a few signs that summer is officially here. The sun peeks out, all drinks magically turn into some kind of icy slush in your hand, your legs start to see the outside world for the first time, and straight dudes all seem to put on the exact same pair of shorts and blue polos. But more than that — more than any of that — there's a true celebration of summer at hand. And I'm talking about the Panera summer 2019 menu. It's officially dropped and it looks absolutely fantastic.

Whether you want a sweet, coffee-based delight, a sparkly summer salad, or you'd prefer having some lobster because you think you're a Kennedy or something, Panera has you covered. The big debuts are the Strawberry Caprese Summer Salad — which should be a hit with the Strawberry Poppyseed Salad lovers among you — and the Frozen Cold Brew, available in both Mocha and Caramel options. Now, do a Strawberry Caprese Summer Salad and a sweet, sweet cold brew sound like the makings of a perfect summer day? Add in eight or ten bread rolls and I think they do, I think they really do. New Panera menu items are almost always a hit, so expect to see a lot of love for these two offerings.