Paris Hilton Claimed She & Britney Spears Invented The Selfie & Twitter Was Like, Nope

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By Mathew Jedeikin

Remember 2006? It was a different time back then. Paris Hilton had become well-known for her role in the wildly popular reality show The Simple Life, and pop legend Britney Spears was at the height of her career. Oh, and according to Hilton, she and Spears invented the selfie in 2006. Hilton made the claim on Twitter with two pictures of the blonde duo as proof that they were the first people to take a selfie, but her fellow Twitter users very quickly disagreed.

In case you don't remember, back in the mid-2000s Hilton and Spears had a brief, but much photographed friendship that captured the attention of people across the globe. Spears' Grammy award-winning hit single "Toxic" was still playing on radio stations, and she was still definitely at the top of her game. Then, in 2005/2006 her personal life began to outshine her professional accolades, and she went through a very public divorce from husband Kevin Federline.

It was around this time that Spears was photographed on multiple occasions with Hilton — known socialite and heiress who was also BFFs with other high profile celebs like her Simple Life co-star Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, and Kim Kardashian. Their friendship faded as Spears' personal struggles eventually led to her father being granted a conservatorship over her business and personal affairs. However, Spears and Paris remain a pairing that still screams mid-2000s to everyone who remembers their iconic friendship.

In fact, this isn't the first time Hilton has made headlines with a tweet that involved a photo of Spears. Back in January of this year she shared a pic to Twitter of herself and Spears reminding us all about their friendship.

In her newest, and more controversial post to social media, Hilton shared two photos of herself and Spears with a caption reading, "11 years ago today, Me & Britney invented the selfie!" Check out Hilton's tweet below.

As you might expect, people very quickly questioned Hilton. In fact, the BBC even did an investigation and open letter to Hilton with a brief history of the selfie. The collective voices of Twitter also responded to Hilton with proof disputing her assertion.

What About Thelma & Louise?

As everyone noticed, plenty of other people took pictures of themselves long before 2006, including Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon in the 1991 film Thelma & Louise.

Or Madonna?

Even before Thelma & Louise, apparently Madonna took a selfie in Desperately Seeking Susan.

Seriously, Madonna Was All About The Selfie Back In The Day

So much '80s fabulousness!

Or What About This Photo From 1910?

Well over a hundred years before either Spears or Hilton were born.

Or Literally Anyone Who Took A Pic Of Themselves Before 2006?

Hundreds of people posted their selfie receipts to Twitter in response to Hilton's claim.

Kramer From Seinfeld Took A Selfie In 1995

It appears to have been an accidental selfie, but hey, it still counts!

And Sabrina Took One In 1996

Everyone's favorite teenage witch was a master of the Polaroid selfie.

Even Bill Nye Took A Selfie Years Before Paris & Britney Did

Bill Nye the Science Guy took a selfie in 1999 — seven whole years before Hilton and Spears.

Apparently This Selfie Is From 1839

According to the BBC, it's the first known selfie ever taken. The more you know!

Good Thing There's A GIF Of This Moment

Yes, Hilton was roasted for her claim on Twitter, but everyone will get over it ... eventually.

Plenty Of Fans Fondly Remember This Legendary Trio

There isn't a photo that screams the height of the mid-2000s as much as the one of Spears, Hilton, and Lohan posing for the cameras.

So, clearly, Hilton and Spears definitely did not invent the selfie. But look at the silver lining — at least we all know a little bit more about the history of selfies.