This Girl's "Parrot Hair" Was Inspired By Her Real Life Pet Parrot & It's Actually So Cool

The world isn't short on trends. From beauty to fashion, there's plenty to go around. Are pet-inspired dye jobs the next big thing? Probably not, but this girl's parrot hair inspired by her pet parrot Mochi is certainly one of the coolest things to hit the internet in a while.

Amber Metcalfe and her pet parrot Mochi certainly seem to have a bond according to her Instagram account, and her latest hair color proves it. According to Buzzfeed's As/Is, Metcalfe typically colored her hair a two-tone pink and blue, but when she got Mochi, she decided to change up her style to match her red, yellow, and green bird friend.

While you may be thinking that these colors could look strange together, they definitely do not. In fact, the combination is pretty bomb, and seeing Metcalfe pose alongside Mochi is basically too adorable for words. After all, if you've got a super cute, multi-colored pet, why not try to twin with one another. People are already getting matching manicures with their cats. Why not a dye job to make your parrot?

Metcalfe found Mochi in a pet shop in 2017 where she was told because he was older, other patrons weren't interested in him. That all changed with Metcalfe saw him. He was adopted by her in 2017, and they've been twinning for a while now.

Metcalfe matching her hair to her parrot doesn't seem odd when you check out her Instagram. She and Mochi seem to do everything together. From applying makeup to gaming, the certainly seem inseperable online.

It's honestly hard to deny how perfect and accurate Metcalfe's hair is. With vibrant red and golden hues on top and swathes of green underneath, she's perfect in line with the way Mochie's colors fade from red to yellow to a deep green.

In even cooler news? According to Buzzfeed, Metcalfe does the color herself. While she wasn't sure how it would look at first, it's now her favorite look. Talk about talent, right? Now only are the colors vibrant, but they're pretty damn accurate as well.

While Metcalfe's hair may be the most colorful and creative way to twin with your pet. Surprisingly, it's actually not the only way. For cat owners, there's the functional yet fashionable kitty caps. These plastic caps glue on to the nails of your cat to prevent them from scratching you or destroying furniture. Practical, right? Not so practical? The fact that they come in a multitude of colors that you can match to your manicure.

If you're a fan of reality television, you may have seen an episode (or 30) of Bravo's Southern Charm. The series follows a group of friends living the Southern life in Charleston, South Carolina. One of the unexpected breakout stars of the show is the mother of cast member Whitney Sudler Smith, Patricia Altschul. The Southern Charm matriarch is also helping people bond with their pets via style.

Altschul's Patricia's Couture takes your pet's photo and uses it to create a customized caftan, pajama set, or scarf. You can actually wear your pet on your clothing if you're not quite ready to dye your hair to match quite yet.

It's clear that people love their pets. From parrots to dogs to cats, expressing your love for your furry (or feathery or scale-covered) friend, people are finding ways to work them into every aspect of their lives. Now, it's fashion and beauty. Don't worry if coloring your hair seems a bit much for you, you can still grab a kitty manicure or a custom caftan with your pet's face on. Go on, embrace your cat, dog, or bird lady proudly.