You Need To See The Pigment On The Purple Shadow In Pat McGrath's Newest Palette

Courtesy of Pat McGrath Labs

Pat McGrath is trying to take all of your money, but do you really even mind? The iconic makeup artist and her Pat McGrath Labs brand are coming for your cash with its latest product. The Pat McGrath Labs Mothership Midnight Sun palette hit the internet on recently, and you may as well go ahead and fork over your paycheck now.

On Aug. 22, McGrath began the day by teasing the new product on her brand's Instagram account. Given that the icon had just launched a complexion set including foundation, powder, and a primer, seeing a new product so soon may have been a shock to many. Apparently, though, McGrath wants to slay us all at a moment's notice.

The tease was for the new Pat McGrath Labs Mothership VI: Midnight Sun palette, and just wait until you see this color story. Like all of McGrath's other palettes, the new Midnight Sun features 10 eyeshadow pans with a mix of glitters, metallics, and mattes. According to the brand, all 10 of the new shades are brand new to the Pat McGrath line-up of shadows and feature formulas that are perfectly blended between pigments and emollients to make them some of the creamiest and most high-impact on the market.

Of course, with McGrath being a makeup icon, her brand is among the most luxurious options you can shop. While many argue it's worth it based on review of her palettes on Sephora, the 10-pan collections are certainly not an affordable find. Like her other works, the new Midnight Sun eyeshadow palette will retail for $125. Yes, that's $12.50 an eyeshadow. But hey, it's Pat McGrath, and hello, this is basically a work of art. If you want to splurge this is certainly a beauty item to do it on.

Courtesy of Pat McGrath Labs

If the price isn't something you're concerned with or if you're willing to save up for the new shadows, you've got some time. The Midnight Sun palette doesn't launch until Sept. 6 on the brand's website, and if you want to shop at a traditional retailer, the shades won't be available until Sept. 13 at select Sephora stores, Sephora online, as well as Bergdorf Goodman, and Selfridges in the UK.

The palette isn't the only way McGrath is trying to make beauty lovers go bankrupt, though. The iconic makeup artist and her brand have been launching everything from lipsticks to highlights to eyeshadows for some time now, but until only recently, McGrath had yet to release complex products. Now, that's changed.

In July, Pat McGrath's Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection The System launched. The collection included 36 shades of buildable foundation, 5 settings powders, and a universal primer. It was a new day for McGrath's brand, and while you could tell that beauty lovers' excitement was real thanks to comments on the brand's Instagram account, the price, well, it's real expensive. For the complete system, you'll be coughing up a whopping $183. If you just want the foundation, it's $68 on its on.

For fans of McGarth, however, prices are only slight deterrents. The iconic makeup artist is that for a reason. From unique palettes to quality products, lovers of the brand and the artist know that what they're buying luxury. If you want a little luxe for yourself, don't miss the new Pat McGrath Midnight Sun palette launching on Sept. 6 and Sept. 13.