Patrick Starrr Turned Himself Into The Instagram Egg & It's Moderately Frightening

Patrick Starrr is glam. He's the first influencer to have a massive collaboration with MAC Cosmetics, and with over 4 million subscribers, he's one of the biggest beauty gurus on the internet. However, all that glam didn't stop Patrick Starrr from turning himself in the Instagram egg. No one would ever accuse Starrr of looking like an egg given his gorgeously beat face, but once you see this tutorial, you'll be shook with a little bit of fear and a whole lot of laughter.

In case you hadn't heard, an egg has taken over Instagram. Yes, it's a weird time in the online world (but when is that not the case). Essentially, an account was created named Egg Gang that looked to dethrone Kylie Jenner as the queen of Instagram with the most likes on a single photo. Fast forward, and Egg Gang has done it. As of press time, the photo of a single, brown egg on a white background has over 47 million likes. In fact, it's so popular that Kylie Jenner posted a reaction to it taking over her title. This egg has become an internet sensation.

Now, Patrick Starrr is harnessing the star power (no pun intended) of the egg and turning himself into one with some seriously terrifying and hilarious results.

As it turns out, Patrick Starrr may be the most qualified to turn himself into the Instagram egg, and no, it's not because he looks like one IRL because he doesn't. It's because he often calls himself one in a funny, depreciating way in his videos. In fact, in one of his most recent videos where he shows that he's bald on camera, Starrr actually says he's "still looking like an egg." Fast forward a few weeks, and well, yeah, he's turning himself into one.

As you would imagine, Starrr's tutorial basically consists of him loading his face down with full coverage foundation in the same shade as the egg. From covering his brows to making sure his lashes are covered, Starrr is committed to the monochromatic egg look.

Starrr doesn't stop there, though. He then takes gauze and wraps it around his head to make it look more egg-like. Of course, you can't leave white gauze wrapped around your head, so he takes his Dior Airflash and covers the entire band that's helping to shape his head into, well, an egg. And yes, basically he's spraying money on his head with that Dior foundation.

Finally, the transformation is completely, and Patrick Starrr is no longer Patrick Starrr. He is, in fact, the egg. Honestly, it would be completely terrifying if Starrr wasn't as hilarious as he is. From eating a hard boiled egg ASMR style to jokes about how the look is for "advanced" makeup users, Starrr's video is kind of can't miss.

If you want to see Patrick Starrr's Instagram egg tutorial head over to his YouTube channel. Honestly, it could just end up replacing the egg's number of likes with Starrr's number of YouTube views.