Patrick Starrr's 2018 Grammys Outfit Was The Wildest Look Of The Night

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The 2018 Grammys have come and gone. You are likely still thinking about Lady Gaga's corset hair or Hailee Steinfeld's metallic purple boots. However, makeup artist and online influencer Patrick Starrr rocked the wildest look at the 2018 Grammys — and you probably didn't even notice.

Starrr views makeup as "one size fits all" and recently co-created a killer collection for MAC. He designs fabulous, outrageous, and head-turning makeup looks that match his room-filling personality. His personal style is always glam AF. He didn't disappoint with his dramatic, hot pink, and expertly coordinated Grammys ensemble, which was further trimmed in violet.

He wore a hot pink headpiece, which is a P. Starrr signature. It matched his fuchsia lipstick. His outfit consisted of a coat that was open in the front and belted at the waist. It flared out in a zig-zag pattern. He paired it with hot pink shorts and over the knee, stretch boots. Starrr added a blingy necklace and bracelet that matched the belt and his megawatt, room-illuminating smile.

Starrr's makeup was as dramatic as the outfit. He paired it with statement, arched, and full brows and pink-toned smoky eyes.

It was a lot of look but that's exactly what Starr does best. He worked every inch of his outfit on the red carpet and beyond.

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Starrr's dress was designed by @lashauwnbeyond, who is a frequent collaborator and created one of his MAC campaign ensembles.

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Those boots, though! The aforementioned Steinfeld wasn't the only celeb to ditch strappy heels in favor of strutting down the carpet in statement boots in a bold, bright color. Boots certainly had a #moment at the 2018 Grammys.

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Going "matchy matchy" can be tricky on red carpets. But Starrr totally got it right. The coordination of his makeup and his outfit suited his gloriously glam aesthetic.

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There was some bling in Starr's eye makeup, as well. Check out that sparkle along the lower lashline. It picked up some of the twinkle from the jewelry. His look was designed by MUA Steven Tabimba.

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Shimmery purply x pink nails added another dose of fabulosity to Starrr's Grammy look.

Starrr provided a sneak peek while getting ready for the ceremony. It certainly created rampant anticipation among his legion of loyal fans.

Of course Twitter weighed in about Starrr's ensemble, heaping praise on the look. But no one loved this outfit more than Starrr himself. While showing off in the 360 cam, he modestly announced that his look took the night. He was referencing a song, sure. But the reality of the evening is that he owned it.

Starr's fanbase was all about the Grammys presentation.

This user picked up the '80s inspo that was implicit in Starrr's outfit.

A common reaction to Starrr's ensemble was just how hard it slayed. We cannot argue with the maximum slayage.

So is this one.

This tweet captures all of the feels about the 2018 Grammys — The Patrick Starr Edition.

Perhaps no other tweet sums says it better. Starrr was completely fearless and confident on the carpet.

Patrick Starrr's adventurous and vivid outfit won the internet, even if it didn't win an actual Grammy.