Patrick Starrr Just Released A Music Video That Celebrates Boys Who Love Makeup & Glam

Just when you thought Patrick Starrr had done it all, he's coming in strong this LGBTQ Pride Month, and his fans should be stoked. The beauty guru has already cornered the market on YouTube tutorials, so what's next? Well, it seems to be music. Patrick Starrr's "Got the Glam" music video is here, and it's celebrating boys who love makeup. To say that it's iconic would be an understatement, and if you look closely, you may just see a familiar face or two (like Christen Dominque and Starrr's brother, Peter).

In Starrr's first ever single, he plays many roles, but one may be most familiar to both he and his fans. In the first scenes of the video, Starrr walks into a classroom (looking far more glam than your standard teacher) and proceeds to give a lesson on how to "Get the Glam" to his class full of what seems to students of all races and genders.

Over his past several years on YouTube, Starrr has become known for his tutorials so teaching in his first single definitely makes sense. From foundation routines to contouring, he's taught millions of beauty newbies how to beat their faces, but his impact is so much more than just tutorials. Part of his platform has always been to empower young men and boys in the beauty community to feel welcome, and in his single, he's doing it again thanks to that classroom.

Starrr's single is without a doubt a catchy, dance based song, and it's going to be hard for his fans not to burst their speakers listening to it while getting ready. The video, however, appears to have so much more to it than meets the eye.

Of course, there's the obvious celebration of the inclusivity that makeup can provide. Not only is Starrr in a full face, but the classroom is filled with people in similar glam. Perhaps the most meaningful moment, though, comes when a seemingly struggles male students is pulled to the front of the classroom to be personally tutoring by Starrr.

Once in Starrr's capable hands, he's transformed. While this could very well just be a coincident, the boy is younger than some of the rest of those in class. It wouldn't be surprising if this moment is mean to symbolize acceptance of boys wearing makeup, much like Starrr himself.

Also notable in the video? Starrr's MAC collaboration. 2017 and 2018 have been the guru's year, and the video is just part of it. For the single, Starrr heavily features his new summer collection with the brand. Given the brand's motto of "All Ages, All Races, All Genders", the use of the collab in the video makes total sense. Plus, savvy Starrr fans will notice that part of his launch video for the Diva Feva collection seems to have come from the "Got the Glam" single.

How do Starrr's fans feel about the single's music video? They're obsessed with it.

Starrr's own Hogwarts reference results in this spot-on use of a Dumbledore gif.

You know fans are in love when they're using the icon who is RuPaul to congratulate Starrr.

According to some, they never even know they needed the single, but now, they're living for it.

If you want to watch Starrr's music video for "Got the Glam" head over to his YouTube channel now. And if you'd like to support his summer collection Diva Feva with MAC Cosmetics, it's available right now at MAC online. The sky is the limit for this inclusive, talented beauty guru — and it looks like he's just getting started.