This Marauder's Map Pillow Has A Twist That Will Make Your Nights Way More Magical

by Kerri Jarema

You love your bed, right? It's where you lay your head after a long and busy day. It's where you probably sit back, relax, and watch some Netflix or scroll on your laptop, even though all the experts suggest never taking your tech in bed. It's where you read, where you chill on a lazy Sunday afternoon. It's the place you daydream about more than any other on those early morning commutes. Well, I'm here to tell you that unless you have this Harry Potter Marauder's Map Pillow from PBteen's Harry Potter collection, your bed is trash. But luckily, the fix for this glaring error in your decor is only a click away.

So, what makes this pillow so special? Well, fellow Potterhead, I will tell you. This pillow is the Neville Longbottom of pillows; maybe not much to write home about at first glance, but a pillow that will eventually become so good-looking and astoundingly bold that you're all like, "Wait, Harry Potter, who?" Sure, it's got that gorgeous Gryffindor motif going on, all burgundy and gold. It will fit effortlessly into any bedroom, or snuggled perfectly on a reading chair. But "$49.50 for your average pillow?" you might be asking. And I feel you, there.

Marauder's Map Pillow, $49, PBteen

But again, I have to remind you that this is no average pillow. Because it won't take a whole seven years for this pillow to come into its own, get super tall and pleasantly buff and take a sword to Lord Voldemort's pet snake like it ain't no thing. This pillow will go from average to a solid 10 in the blink of an eye or, I guess, the flick of light. Because with a quick Nox incantation this unassuming pillow will glow with all the hidden radiance its kickass pillow parents (and, like, J.K Rowling) imbued it. Yeah, I'm trying to say that this pillow glows in the dark.

I know, I know. You're probably as surprised as Neville was when he got those 10 points for Gryffindor that one time. Lean into that excitement friends, because here comes the big reveal.

So, you're probably feeling much like you did when you saw those shirtless pics of Matthew Lewis back in 2015, this pillow is that pleasing to the eye. It's OK, go ahead and take a moment to compose yourself. Then rush over to the PBteen website to check out the entire new Harry Potter collection and snag one (or several) of these pillows for you, your friends, and all of your fellow HP fans before they're all accio'd out of there.