People Are Using A New iOS Feature To Measure Their Penis & The Internet Is Here For It

Ashley Batz/Bustle

There are some rules the world is run by — and one of those is that if there's something capable of measuring, people with penises will measure them with it. That's exactly where the new iOS update, which includes an app that helps you measure the world around you, comes in. It's called the "Measure" app and it's an augmented reality tool that allows you to move your iPhone around the room while it gives you real-time measurements of pretty much anything in it. But without missing a beat, people have already started using the new tool from the iOS update to measure penises.

Twitter has basically exploded with joy over this new discovery. Tweets about measuring every dick pic sent your way, tweets from men terrified that women will now be able to actually measure their penises, demands that every dude uses the new feature when he sends a pic to ensure accuracy — it's all there.

Although before you get too deep in the dick-pic hilarity, remember that these are all tongue-in-cheek. There are plenty of ways those with small penises give others pleasure, there are some people who prefer having sex with those who are less-endowed, and there are definitely sex positions that work better with a smaller penis. There's no reason to shame anyone with a small penis, because size is very much only one consideration when it comes to having a pleasurable sexual encounter — so if you choose to measure, measure with pride.

Here's what people had to say about it on Twitter.

1This Purist

Using a ruler to show you how to use a ruler? That's dedication to the integrity of the sizing process.

2This Screening Process

This person wants the receipts or they're out.

3This Instant Feedback

This may be the best tweet on the list.

4This Obvious Truth

Yeah, there is a 110 percent chance that every person out there with a penis and an iPhone has already measured it. You're not telling them anything new.

5This Moment Of Panic


6This Hilarious Glitch

That's over 23 inches, people.

7This Callout

We all know the truth, folks — you may as well just admit that's what you're doing with your spare time.

8This Game-Changing Moment

The pure pleasure of realizing what you're about to do.

9This Happy Accident

An extra half inch? Some people out there will probably be very excited to hear about that bonus.

10This Eternal Optimist

Always look on the bright side of life.

11This Boss Move

This woman is the true GIRLBOSS.

12This Nerve-Wracking Realization

Exaggerators around the world are about to start sweating.

13This Hard And Fast Rule

Boundaries are important, right?

Will the dick pic game change forever? Seems like only time — and the new measuring app — can tell.