This Fashion Film Of Peter Before 'The Bachelorette' Is Life Changing

winterstone on Vimeo

You know him as one of the final four men on The Bachelorette, but this video of Peter Kraus shirtless and modeling jewelry is an intimate look at the personal trainer that no one could have anticipated. Fans of the show knew that Peter was a former model, of course, but until you're staring down the barrel of his shirtless, tattooed body, there's still a lot you haven't understood about him. This is isn't him sitting on the couch looking cute in his salt-and-pepper sweater and with his adorable gap tooth, like fans have gotten used to on the show. This is a scantily-clad man gazing into the eyes of a scantily-clad woman, selling the crap out of some jewelry.

Life & Style, who unearthed the two-minute video called "Mating Flight," report that the film is an advertisement the Japanese jewelry line Lone Ones. But it could just as easily be an advertisement for chains and smolder, because that's all Peter and his co-star are serving the camera. It's something you should definitely check out, just to catch a glimpse of the 30-year-old's life before he fell for Rachel Lindsay. But, be warned, you can't ever un-see it. And, furthermore, you will never want to un-see it.

From now on, you know that this version of Peter lives inside the mild-mannered contestant as well. When he looked shyly at Rachel before flipping his paddle on Ellen to make sure it was OK to reveal that he had kissed her, he did not do that alone. Deep within him, under the cowl-neck, this shirtless, tattooed Peter confidently flipped his paddle and casually slicked his hair back.

When our Peter didn't immediately make a move on his first one-on-one with Rachel, this one did. And neither Rachel or this Peter came home from it, because instead they drove into the sunset together, their chain-link beachwear clanking softly each time they touched.

That is the Pandora's Box that you're opening if you watch this video, so choose wisely. Especially going into Hometowns. There's more to Peter than meets the eye, this video is living proof, and you can never watch The Bachelorette the same way again.