Peter Weber's Mom Barb Can't Stop Gushing Over Kelley Flanagan

Peter's mom Barb gushes over Kelley Flanagan, via ABC press site.
John Fleenor/ABC

Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan may be pretty psyched about their romantic relationship, but chances are their excitement over the matter doesn't come anywhere close to matching Barb's overall enthusiasm for this union. In fact, during an interview with Chris Harrison on the June 8 episode of The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever!, Peter's mom Barb couldn't stop praising Kelley and even went so far as to refer to her as the daughter that she's always wanted. So sorry, Hannah Ann, but it seems that you've officially been replaced.

"I love her," Barb gushed to Harrison during the segment while sitting right alongside the happy couple, who are quarantining with the Webers in California. "I love her so much, and she’s the daughter that I’ve always wanted." Given how less-than-friendly Barb acted toward Madison, Peter's former flame, during The Bachelor's After the Final Rose special, fans can always count on the Weber matriarch to speak her mind. So if she says that Kelley is a keeper, then you better believe that she means it.

However, if that isn't enough to convince you, Barb is also constantly commenting on both Peter and Kelley's Instagram accounts, rejoicing over the fact that the two of them are together. She even included Kelley in one of her latest Instagram Stories, showcasing the Chicago native lounging around with one of their family dogs along with the caption, "My Two Sweet Girls."

Barb Weber/Instagram

Additionally, Barb has picked up the habit of posting various Instagram images of both of her sons' girlfriends, making it clear that she couldn't be more thrilled with their romantic life choices (of which, according to Peter, she has absolutely no say in whatsoever).

Her latest post on Instagram, which was shared on Wednesday, June 10, features both Peter and Jack with their special ladies while sharing a tender embrace. "This Makes Me Smile," the caption reads.

For their part, Peter and Kelley have also opened up a bit about their budding relationship, admitting during Monday's "greatest hits" episode that they are already planning their future together. "I'm extremely happy," Peter told Harrison. "It feels so good to be able to say that, and I'm just very hopeful for the future. This is my girl. ... I'm extremely happy with this one."

He went on to explain where they hope to live in the near-future, stating that "we'd love to live in New York City for a little bit and get that experience, so hopefully fingers crossed that's in our future." Though if they end up finding Barb packed away in one of their suitcases when that day comes, none of us should really be all that surprised.