A Handy Guide To All Of Peter Kraus' Tattoos (aka This Post Has A Lot Of Shirtless Pics)

George Burns/ABC

On The Bachelorette, Rachel has finally narrowed down her choices to the last three contestants. Each one brings his own flair to the final three, but it's Peter who stands out physically as the only one left with tattoos. (Neither Eric nor Bryan have any ink themselves, according to their ABC bios.) What are Bachelorette star Peter's tattoos, though? He has a ton of them.

Getting a tattoo is a very personal choice, and Peter made that lifelong commitment not once but many times. (Rachel shouldn't doubt his ability to commit to her then, huh?) According to his ABC bio, Peter has four tattoos. Based on his choice in ink, it look as though his tattoos hold a particular significance for him. One is for his family, another details a personal achievement, and two are symbols that are specific only to Peter (but fans can certainly speculate).

While Peter doesn't always show them off, they are visible in various photos on his social media accounts. As anyone with tattoos know, they are usually great conversation starters. In Peter's case, the true meanings behind his ink choices aren't completely clear, and viewers may still have some questions. But, here's what Peter has already revealed about his tattoos:

The Arm Tattoo

This is the hardest tattoo to see on Peter's Instagram page, but various photos, like this one, show small details. According to Peter's bio page, this tattoo on his right bicep is a cross. Elite Daily has gone one step further and reported that below the cross is a banner that reads "Into Your Hands." Peter hasn't given too much detail about this choice, but the cross and the banner could be a nod to his faith.

The Chest Tattoo

In this shirtless photo, Peter's chest tattoo is prominent. This ink features a buck surrounded by leaves. The symbol behind this choice hasn't been revealed to viewers, but it is right above Peter's heart, which could mean he wants to keep this one close.

The Shoulder Tattoo

Peter must believe he has a "good side," because this tattoo on his shoulder is easy to spot in most of his pictures. According to Peter's ABC bio, this Celtic symbol is his family knot. Aside from tattoo and workout photos, Peter posts a lot of pictures of his family including his nieces and nephews. Add that to a successful hometown visit where his parents and brother won the viewers' hearts and Peter's devotion to his family in ink makes total sense.

The Side Tattoo

Another tattoo described in Peter's ABC bio is his Ironman tattoo along his ribs, which seems to be a symbol of Peter's devotion to fitness. Aside from his role as owner of Worth Personal Training, Peter seems to seek out physical fitness challenges. On Worth's "About" page, Peter lists his major fitness accomplishments including "three time Ironman Wisconsin Finisher," "three top three finishes in Sprint and Olympic Distance Triathlons," and being named "the Top 10 Trainer in Chicago" by TimeOut Magazine in 2012.

As Rachel prepares to make her final decision, maybe viewers will get to learn a bit more about Peter's tattoos and what they mean to him. If anything, they indicate a person who is sentimental, puts his family first, and believes in being his best self. All are great qualities for Rachel's future husband...