These Photos From Barbara Bush's Funeral Show The Love & Respect She Inspired In People

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On Saturday, hundreds of mourners arrived in Houston, Texas for the funeral of former first lady of the United States Barbara Bush. And judging by the images that resulted, it's clear that she left a big impact on a lot of people ― the countless photos from Barbara Bush's funeral show how many people respected and admired her.

Bush, who died at the age of 92 on Tuesday, April 17, served as first lady from 1989 through 1993, while her husband, George H.W. Bush, was president. The pair was married for more than 70 years ― they were engaged shortly before George departed the U.S. to serve in World War II, and were wed in 1945 ― and throughout her time in the White House, she was a well-known and iconic figure.

Earlier this week, news broke that she was in failing health, and had declined further medical treatment. Just hours later, it was announced that she had died due to complications from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Her funeral was held at St. Martin's Episcopal Church in Houston, the same church she and her husband attended for years, and the many photographs from the event spoke to just how many people will fondly remember her.

An Emotional Farewell

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Bush's passing was remembered and mourned by her granddaughters, including Jenna Bush, pictured above wiping away a tear from her eye.

Her Grandchildren Were Pallbearers

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According to WTOP, Bush's casket was carried by eight of her grandchildren, while her son George pushed her husband's wheelchair behind it.

Two Generations

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Former president George W. Bush led his father's wheelchair during the funeral, the second father and son duo to have ever both occupied the White House. The elder Bush has similarly faced health problems in recent years, most recently having been hospitalized last year.

At Home In Houston

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The Bushes had longstanding roots in the city of Houston, having moved there after departing from public life following George's loss in the 1992 presidential election.

Remembered By Her Contemporaries

Four former U.S. presidents attended the funeral in the Bushes, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama, along with former first ladies Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama. Melania Trump also attended, seated next to the Obamas.

Wiping Away Tears

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Multiple memorials and retrospectives about Bush following her death have described her as being kind, charming, and possessing a slightly acidic wit.

Eulogized By Her Son

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The funeral included an emotional eulogy by former Florida governor Jeb Bush, one of George and Barbara's six children. Specifically, Jeb described his mother as "our teacher and role model on how to live a life of purpose and meaning,"

En Route To Her Burial Ground

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Bush's casket was transported to the George H.W. Bush presidential library for her burial following the funeral, accompanied by a large motorcade.

The Corps Of Cadets

The road to Bush's final resting place was flanked on both sides by members of the Texas A&M University Corps of Cadets, who saluted as her hearse drove past.

More to come ...

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A estimated 1,500 people attended the Bush matriarch's funeral, according to media reports, although it could surely have been much larger if the family had so desired. But, according to ABC News, she specifically requested a modest funeral as part of her final wishes.

A Final Sendoff

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The funeral was the Bush family's last opportunity to see Barbara off before her burial. She's reportedly being buried close to the grave of her daughter Robin. Born in 1949, Robin tragically died of leukemia at just three years old, and was subsequently laid to rest at Texas A&M University.

In short, for the people who loved and admired Barbara Bush, both personally and from afar, Saturday's funeral was a solemn and sad occasion, But it was also an opportunity for the assembled mourners to look back on and celebrate her long life, too.