See The Real Joan Crawford At The Infamous 1963 Oscars

Suzanne Tenner/FX

They just don't make 'em like Joan Crawford anymore. In the modern era, a celebrity feud is told in tweets, with celebrities shooting off at the hip and feuding by tossing their immediate, emotional reactions at one another. Crawford, however, was a mastermind at digging into her nemesis Bette Davis, and the pictures of Joan Crawford at the 1963 Oscars show just how much joy can come from a malevolent plan come together.

FX's Feud details the later years of the ongoing rivalry between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, from their time collaborating on What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? onwards. Possibly the most public display of their feud happened at the 1963 Oscars where Joan Crawford turned the spectacle of the event against Bette Davis. Davis had been nominated for Best Actress based on her performance in What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?, but Joan Crawford was snubbed. In retaliation, Crawford managed to convince several other nominees to let her accept the Oscar on their behalf should they win, therefore meaning that Bette Davis would be force to watch Crawford accept an Oscar she otherwise would have won. It's impossible to know exactly how Crawford felt holding that Oscar, but these pictures tell a thousand words.

Joan & Patty

Anne Bancroft, who won her only Oscar for her role in The Miracle Worker, was unable to see her co-star Patty Duke also receive and Oscar for her work as Best Supporting Actress. However, Crawford was more than happy to congratulate Duke, and take joy in holding onto the Oscar that Bette Davis wanted.

Joan & Gregory

The same year that Joan Crawford accepted Bancroft's Oscar for playing real-life figure Annie Sullivan in The Miracle Worker, Gregory Peck won an Oscar for playing one of the most famous fictional literary characters of the 20th century. Peck's performance as Atticus Finch is astonishing, but not as astonishing as Joan Crawford must have felt when people took her picture holding the Oscar that Bette Davis so dearly wanted to have for her self.

Winner's Circle

The four acting winners from the 1963 Oscars seemed to be plenty happy to pose for a picture.

While this stunt was a major event of their feud, they were far from done with each other. While the show's fifth episode seem to be kicking off Crawford's quest to steal Davis' Oscars spotlight, the show still has three episodes to resolve the entire story of these two esteemed actors. As Feud begins ramping up towards the momentous Oscars event, expect to see more than a few celebrity impersonators to make their way into the show to help fill-out the star-studded 1963 Awards Ceremony that Crawford made her own. While Feud promises the full story, these pictures prove without a doubt that Joan Crawford was, indeed, having the time of her life.