Mandy Moore & Adam Rippon Freaking Out Over Meeting Each Other Will Make Your Day

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Harry How/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

If the 2018 Winter Olympics taught viewers anything, it's that Adam Rippon is the most lovable figure skater who has ever existed. Pretty much everyone wants to meet him and when they do, well, it's monumental. During a taping for their Thursday appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show (director: Liz Patrick), Mandy Moore and Rippon met for the first time. They both understandably freaked out over meeting each other — and it's adorable.

On Wednesday, the This Is Us (director: Uta Briesewitz) star shared an Instagram of herself and Rippon backstage at the daytime talk show. As you can see below, Moore's facial expression is one of pure joy. She looks so happy to be standing next to the Olympic winner — and to also be wearing his bronze medal around her neck. She captioned the image:

This happened backstage at @theellenshow and I’m not sure I will ever recover. @adaripp you are EVERYTHING and then some. Can’t wait to watch you continue to take the world by storm. ALSO he let me wear his medal.

Meeting the 28-year-old figure skater would absolutely be "EVERYTHING and then some". Who else is jealous of Moore? Her reaction says it all, but the way the 33-year-old actor closed her caption takes the cake. She used a skull emoji and the hand waving emoji. Translation: "I'm dead. Bye." That's probably how it goes when meeting the Olympian.

As for Rippon, he stuck to his personality that has captured the hearts of many. His caption read: "I can’t believe @mandymooremm and I fell in love yesterday on @theellenshow". On his Instagram story, he also shared an image of himself and Moore she originally posted on her story. The singer's version of the picture included a waving hand emoji and the word "Hi". Rippon spiced it up for his story by adding the words "She cute" and an arrow pointing to Moore.

If you've watched any interviews with the skating superstar, including the ones he became popular for during the Olympics, then you can totally hear Rippon saying either of his captions out loud. And his reaction to meeting the beyond talented Moore is similar to how he's responded to other famous faces gushing over him. The first moment he stepped onto the ice in PyeongChang, South Korea, Rippon's fan base skyrocketed. Both his skating and his interviews wowed people, including celebrities, like Reese Witherspoon.

During one of his interviews with NBC Sports anchor Andrea Joyce, she asked him what it's like to receive support from the likes of Witherspoon and Elmo. He responded, "Well, you know, on the spectrum from Reese Witherspoon to Elmo, I'm excited at about like a Meryl Streep." It sounds like he was on the same level when he met Moore, too.

As much as Rippon's reaction to meeting Moore is spot-on (and hilarious), her words stands out even more and are so relatable for many who idolize the ice skater.

Rippon's affected the lives of many, but especially the LGBTQ community. Like Moore said, "Can't wait to watch you continue to take the world by storm." That's exactly what Rippon did at the Olympics. He and skier Gus Kenworthy were the first openly gay male American athletes at the events. They made history and impacted others not just by being proud of their true selves, but for also standing up to Vice President Mike Pence and his anti-LGBTQ policies. This particular Olympics meant a lot to both athletes and, in turn, the events ended up meaning a lot to viewers.

Those who also adore Rippon totally get Moore's praise for him. It's probably safe to say just about anyone would freak out about meeting Rippon and Moore, like how they did with each other. They are both extraordinary people inspiring others through sport and television.