Photos Of The 'Sex & The City' Reunion Prove That Miranda Is Actually A Carrie


Sure, it wasn't a formal reunion, but it did shed some light on the way the show's stars dress nowadays. Photos of the impromptu Sex and the City stars' reunion at a Broadway production suggest that Cynthia Nixon is so much more of a Carrie Bradshaw than you knew. On Thursday, Nixon and Sarah Jessica Parker crossed paths at the premiere of the new play Evening at the Talk House, which boasts Matthew Broderick, Parker's husband, as one of its cast.

So, no shade to Nixon's character, Miranda Hobbes, but in a friendship group that was all about fashion, her looks were always a little more subdued than her BFF's outfits. This made sense. She was a no-nonsense lawyer working in a male-dominated industry, and if she'd rocked up to a meeting in anything even close to Carrie's picnic outfit, she would have been laughed out of the boardroom. Nixon doesn't tend to get as much publicity as Parker, so I never really knew whether Miranda's look reflected Nixon's own private fashion choices in the same way that Carrie seemed to overlap with the quirky fashion goddess that is Parker, with the maximalism of Carrie's look reflecting the star's own playful style.

Well, apparently Nixon is a Carrie, too. Peep that coat — that big, check-me-out collar, the patterned finish. This is a coat worn by a woman who doesn't mind turning heads and who's willing to take a risk when it comes to fashion. Sure, the outfit under the coat is a little more Miranda-y: tailored, black, very professional. But then Carrie used to rock suits, too, remember? Like when she was best man at Stanford's wedding and wore the most exquisite tuxedo. A suit doesn't have to mean safe.

Of course, nobody's more of a Carrie than Carrie herself, or her off-screen equivalent, SJP. Thus the whimsical flowered dress, which recalls, at least in pattern, Carrie's Dolce & Gabbana dress she wore down the runway as a "real person" model, or Carrie's white flowery minidress she coupled with a pimple during a book signing. Then there's that folk-inspired jacket, which, without an exact parallel on the show, somehow feels joyful enough to be very Carrie.

This photo confirms what you already suspected: When Nixon and Parker get together, fashion magic happens. Here's hoping Nixon gets offered a cameo on Parker's current show, Divorce. The stylish pair are twice as nice together.