You Can Get Hot Cocoa Cookie Dough Full Of Chocolate Chips & Marshmallows

Hot Cocoa cookie dough is back on shelves.

After years of brave pioneers running test trials, we still are left with one important question: What is the perfect thing to dunk in a warm cup of hot cocoa? Maybe you like a classic gingerbread option, maybe you like to stick with a biscuit for a little British flair. But now, you can really make your hot cocoa drinking to the next level by dipping hot cocoa cookies into your hot cocoa. Yup — the holidays just got meta, thanks to the Pillsbury Hot Cocoa Cookie Dough that is finally back on shelves.

Spotted by @CandyHunting on Instagram, this super easy break-and-bake cookie dough is warm and gooey take on the holiday drink. You've got a chocolate base, chocolate chips, and — in true hot cocoa fashion — some marshmallows to tie it all together.

As with all of Pillsbury's break-and-bake option, they're easy enough for someone as messy, confused, and hungry as I am to make — even on a bad day. One pack gets you 12 cookies, and it's currently retailing for $2.50 at Walmart — so keep your eyes out wherever you get your cookie dough. It is a limited edition flavor, so expect to see it through the holidays but remember that it won't be around forever. The sweetest things never are.

What if you don't want your beverage in cookie form — what if you want your cookie in beverage form? Well, that's an option, too — because the holiday season is truly a magical time. Sugar Cookie Milk is now back on the shelves at Target, for that easy hit of sugar and deliciousness first thing in the morning. Should you make hot cocoa cookies and dip them in Sugar Cookie Milk? Or will that be too much holiday in a single bite? That's for you to decide.

If you're a true hot cocoa die hard, then you might want to get your hands on some of the York Peppermint Patty Hot Cocoa or, my personal favorite, Hot Cocoa M&Ms which feature a white chocolate marshmallow center. The humble hot chocolate has been reimagined and reinvented in so many ways, it's almost getting hard to keep track.

But if you want the warmest, most comforting way to get your hot chocolate vibes on, then I have to say that Hot Cocoa Cookie Dough sounds like a pretty delicious way to do it. Now, I do need to emphasize that you are not supposed to eat the raw dough — so please take the extra few minutes to stick it in the oven and not poison yourself. Be a better human than I and stay healthy, because there's a lot of eating to do this holiday season. You deserve it.