Sugar Cookie Milk Just Hit Shelves At Target For The Holidays

Sugar Cookie Milk is back at Target for 2019.

Lazy holiday lovers of the world, today is your lucky day — because you now get all of the joy of the holidays in a sip-ready, liquid form, no baking or forethought required. You might remember the glory that was the Market Pantry Sugar Cookie Milk that appeared on Target shelves last year — well, it’s back. And still every bit as ideal for those who cannot be bothered to lift their arm and dip their sugar cookies into milk (me), providing all of that sweetness with none of the effort.

It was Instagrammer @CandyHunting who spotted both the Sugar Cookie Milk on Target shelves this year and rang the alarm. If that sounds a little too sweet and vanilla for you, fear not — because there’s also a Chocolate Mint Milk option that delivers the same holiday goodness but with a mint chocolate twist. Either way, I think that it should be legally required that you try making your morning cereal with one of these kinds of milk and see if you make it work before literally combusting into Buddy the Elf. That is my holiday dream and I hold onto it with all of my might.

You can currently get the Sugar Cookie Milk on the Target website for just $1.29 for a quart. For some reason, the Chocolate Mint Milk flavor is retailing for $2.49 for the same size. Still a bargain, for sure — but why is it coming in at almost double? Is there some kind of sweet milk racketeering happening, or is it just a misprint? Only time will tell.

If aggressively sweet and cookie-based is your holiday go-to, there is an embarrassment of riches for you to choose from this time of year. Pillsbury Elf Shape Sugar Cookies, featuring Buddy himself, have hit shelves — and you can build him the home he deserves with Oreo's Holiday Cookie House Set. Or if you want something a little more classic, then the new Pepperidge Farm Toy Soldier cookie features brown sugar and cinnamon — and an iconic toy soldier design based off of the Rockettes. You know, in case you think you’re fancy or something. Basically, from Halloween to New Year’s Eve is an unofficial cookie season of delight and I think we should all take a moment to give thanks for that.

I have to admit that as much as I love the sound of Sugar Cookie Milk, it does sort of sound like something I dreamt as a child and then tried to make without my dad looking before the whole thing ultimately ended in tears. But hey — you live, you learn, you buy the grown-up version of stuff with all of the hard work done for you. Thank you, Target, for making my sugar cookie milk dreams come true — I’ve waited a long time for this.

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