Pink Champagne Hair Is Summer Color Goals

Start saving for all those salon appointments, because summer inspires a bevy of colorful hair trends that will have you itching to change your 'do at least once a month. From smoked peach shades to mother of pearl, the beauty world keeps inventing colors for us to dabble in. But pink champagne hair might just be the hottest one yet.

First, let's talk about that name because it's everything. It immediately makes you think of 1950s bar scenes, silk gloves with party dresses, red lipstick left on champagne flutes, and all things velvet and powdery. It definitely has a nostalgic and retro vibe to it, coupled with a kind of high-society elegance. It's very "Terry McKay ordering her pink champagne on a cruise ship in An Affair to Remember," right before she got to zip through Italian towns with Cary Grant. I'm into the image and the vibes this particular hair mixture pops into my imagination.

While that might sound slightly too whimsical, the color is exactly that: Pure magic. Allure discovered it on Instagram first, and was quick to spread the word. The genius behind the shade is Sapphire Driver, a hairstylist at Bleach London, who told Allure that she was inspired with the color after seeing it on a particular velvet sofa.

"The photo is of the prettiest dark pink strands soaked in a sink, looking like they are getting rinsed out after a coloring. 'Match your pink champagne to your hair,' wrote Driver in the caption. Bleach London regrammed the photo, writing: 'Red rosè champagne,'" Allure reported.

The shot was a sneak peak to what will possibly become the summer's hottest hair color — if you're into non-typical hair shades, then this metallic, powdery pink will be perfect to rock during those hotter summer months.

While it's true we've had a ton of pink related hair colors rising back into popularity these past couple of weeks (rose gold and smoked peach are two that immediately pop into mind,) each one brings its own subtle twist in color. It's like how you spend 20 minutes editing one Instagram photo and you end up tweaking the colors only a little bit — those tiny contrasts matter. So take this color for a test drive this summer, and make sure to dub pink champagne as your signature drink while you rock it!