Smoked Peach Hair Could Be The Next Big Thing

Summer has the tendency to inspire color to take over beauty routines, from lilac and bright orange lipsticks, to sunset-inspired eyeshadows. Knowing that, it's no surprise that smoked peach hair could be this year's hottest trend.

The look pulls its inspiration from all the rainbow hair colors that we're well used to and love: Pastels have been around for years, and some even ventured into kaleidoscope-like multi-color tresses. But while the beauty world might see a steady rotation of pinks, blues, and purples, it's not often that we're treated to tangerine colors — and that's what makes this new look so exciting. It toes slightly outside of the box.

To give you an idea what the exact shade looks like, Allure defined it perfectly. "Smoked peach hair is where charcoal, tangerine, and blorange meet." It's an interesting blend of blonde and bright orange, dusted over with a smoky grey. The creator of this dreamy color was Glam Iris, a California-based hair stylist. She debuted the look on Instagram, where she dubbed it "smoked peaches and cream." Her particular style created an interesting ombre effect, where the roots were colored a dusty charcoal threaded with white-yellow highlights, which extend all the way to the hair tips. They take on a blorange look the further down they extend, but the real color magic happens in the middle, where the hair is dyed a dreamy, creamy peach color.

The end result is a pastel hue that fits right into the unicorn-hair sphere. while also bringing something new to the table. And if the comments under the Instagram photo will give you an idea on how the public will receive this new shade, it seems like a lot of people are on board. "This is uniquely beautiful!!!" one fan confirmed, while another one pointed out that it could be a good in between shade for when a person was going back to blonde. "Possible transition hair back to blonde 😍" they pointed out.

If you want to try out the color yourself, Glam Iris provided the main ingredients for the mix in the caption, but you can easily just show this photo when you're in the salon chair. Make your peachy dreams come true this summer with this unforgettable shade!