Pixar's New Short About Chinese Dumplings Sounds Heartbreaking

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It sounds like Pixar may have another masterpiece on its hands, this time in the form of a short film. According to ScreenCrush, Pixar's new short titled Bao uses Chinese dumplings to help illustrate a universal story about family values, and it sounds like it's fully capable to make you both laugh and cry.

The eight-minute animated short will air in front of Pixar's next, highly anticipated project Incredibles 2 this upcoming summer. But before the movie airs, Bao will make its grand premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in April. As ScreenCrush reported, Bao will be told from a Canadian, Chinese immigrant community's perspective, and is centered on the growing pains of parent-child relationships. According to the official Tribeca Film Festival's website, the short's synopsis reads:

"An empty-nesting Chinese mom gets another chance at motherhood when one of her dumplings springs to life. But she must come to terms with the bittersweet revelation that nothing stays cute and small forever."

Seriously, how much more adorable could it possibly get? Pixar has yet to release a trailer or any photos connected to the short, but even with just the synopsis, the project's cuteness is sure to win a lot of folks over. As if having another culturally rich story on its way isn't amazing enough, the behind-the-scenes details will surely knock your socks off.

The soon-to-be beloved short was written and directed by Inside Out story artist Domee Shi, making her the first woman to direct a Pixar original short airing directly before the production's film. And that's totally something worth celebrating, seeing as for the past 32 years, all of Pixar's 19 shorts have been led by men.

Fans of animated films, especially Pixar animated films, not only look forward to seeing the headliner, but they're also pretty stoked to see what innovative stories the production company cooks up. Luckily for Pixar, Bao sounds like it's going to be a total hit — unlike the Frozen short that premiered in front of the Academy Award-winning film Coco in November 2017. Olaf's Frozen Adventure, which serves as a bit of a sequel to the critically acclaimed Disney hit Frozen, didn't sit well with fans who came to see the story of a young Mexican child's journey to learning more about his family's history.

Not only were movie goers complaining about the running time being a whopping 21-minutes long, but many were appalled by Disney and Pixar seemingly feeling as though a film about a Latin experience couldn't stand on its own, without the help of Frozen's — a story about two white women — existence. Disney announced that it was always intended for Olaf's Frozen Adventure to have a limited run, but because of the backlash received, the lengthy short was pulled from airing before Coco, as of Dec. 8.

This time around, however, it looks like Pixar may be onto something good. Because as it stands, Bao's strong cultural plot is already winning over an enthusiastic fanbase months before its public release. And fans couldn't help but express their excitement all over Twitter.

If you're feeling emotional about this phenomenal story right now, you're totally not alone.

And Don't fret if you can't score tickets to this year's Tribeca Film Festival to catch the short. As mentioned before, Incredibles 2 will be hitting theaters sooner than later — June 15, to be exact. Just make sure you get there early enough to see your soon-to-be favorite animated short in action, with a slew of tissues in tow to catch those happy-but-sad tears that will inevitably follow.