Signs From The 'Veronica Mars' Finale That Logan & Veronica Are Forever

by Amy Roberts
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It's been an entire ten years since the final episode of Veronica Mars aired, breaking every fan's heart in the process. Because at the core of every Marshmallow is a sad, simple sentiment: Veronica Mars will never truly be over, and neither will Logan's love for Veronica. The show's finale proved just that, offering a whole bunch of signs that Logan and Veronica would never be over. Because come on, those guys are for life. And not only did the show's creators know it, but fans did too.

So when the Veronica Mars movie was finally released in 2014, it was beyond satisfying to see Veronica and Logan rekindling their love for one another. Because to fans, it felt as though we waited an entire lifetime to see that happen. The finale poised the idea that in spite of everything, Veronica and Logan were simply meant to be. But it did so by pushing them apart, causing some intense friction, and leaving us hungry to know more about their ridiculously complicated relationship.

Because damn, Logan was right, their love story is epic. And the finale offered 16 signs that Veronica and Logan would never be over. Take a look.


When Logan Made It Clear That He Beat Up Piz To Protect Veronica

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Look, that video of Piz and Veronica together simply gave Logan the perfect excuse to get all fisticuffy with the guy. But, you know, all in the name of protecting Veronica's honor, of course. Nothing to do with him being madly in love with her or anything like that.


When Parker Straight-Up Told Logan He Wasn't Over Veronica

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And seriously, her line concerning the matter — "The best way to show that you're still in love with your ex-girlfriend is to beat up her new boyfriend," — is absolutely killer. Because yes, honey. Read him those painful truths.


When It Became Clear That Nobody Could Ever Measure Up To Veronica

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Parker was pretty great, and probably the best girlfriend Logan could ever want. But you know what she wasn't? Veronica.


When Parker Told Veronica That She And Logan Would Always Be A Thing

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I mean, damn, lady. Just set up a newsletter.


Then Veronica Realized Parker Was Right

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Sometimes the truth hurts, V.


When Veronica Acknowledged That She Could Never Be Friends With Logan

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You can't be friends if you're still crazy in love with someone.


When Veronica Called Them "Done" And Proclaimed That Logan Was Out Of Her Life Forever

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Oh, come on. Who are you even kidding?


And Logan Responded With One Of His Signature "I'll Prove You Wrong, Veronica" Faces

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And I, for one, definitely heated up some popcorn in anticipation of all the inevitable drama that would surely follow this expression.


When Veronica Warned Logan Not To Beat Up Gorey Because He Was "Well-Connected"

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After seeing just part of Gorey's on-camera confession revealing the dark, criminal activities of his family, Veronica tried to stop Logan from fighting the blatant gangster. Why? Because she's still totally in love with him. (And that means that she doesn't want to be investigating his mysterious disappearance in the not too distant future.)


When Logan Beat Up Gorey Anyways Because He'd Willingly Die To Protect Veronica

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It was a move that said "I'd willingly have gangsters feed me through a wood chipper if it meant I could still protect your honor. Marvel upon my bruised, bloody face with adoration, because this is true love..." And marvel I did.


When It Became Clear That Piz And Veronica Have Very Different Approaches To Conflict

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Both Logan and Veronica didn't just laugh in the face of danger, but also actively and directly attacked it until it knew better than to return. As the finale proved, Piz's approach was more "Let's go have a picnic instead of tasering bad guys, OK, honey?" Which, judging from Veronica's expression, was less than satisfying for her to hear.


When Veronica Made This Face Of Pure Adoration In Response To Logan Fighting Gorey

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In this moment, Veronica was officially a marshmallow who had caught the heat of Logan's ferocious fire... and had melted all over the damn floor. Girl, same.


When Logan Realized That He And Veronica Definitely Weren't Over

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And he was like "Victory is mine!"


When Piz Gave Veronica A Look That Said "You And Logan Aren't Over"

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No matter how I feel about questionable Piz, this scene still managed to turn my heart into a slop bucket of absolute, unadulterated sadness for him.


The Smug, Cocky Way That Logan Apologizes To Piz, Because He's Totally Victorious

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Bonus points for doing so with that signature grin that screams "Me and Veronica are a forever thing. Have fun doing better than that."


When Veronica Realizes Her And Logan Aren't Over

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And oh boy, do I know this look. I feel it in my bones, you guys. It comes with a screeching, internal alarm, and requires a whole bottle of Sauvignon Blanc to shut up.

Lives ruined. Bloodshed. Epic. Now, please, can we get going on that potential Veronica Mars six-episode miniseries already? Because I absolutely need more of these two in my life immediately. Until then, I'll be rewatching the series and movies (streaming now on go90).