Poop Highlighter Exists & It's Actually Really Pretty


In the world of beauty trends, a lot is going on. From unicorn-themed everything to jelly highlighters, there's a lot to see. Just when you thought you'd seen it all, you'd be wrong. That's because poop highlighter exists. Before you start recoiling in horror, though, you should totally check out this indie product that is actually kind of stunning.

In a video posted to her YouTube channel on Tuesday, popular vlogger Tati Westbrook (or GlamLifeGuru) reviewed what she called a poop highlighter —and she's pretty much spot-on in her description. In the video, Westbrook describes seeing a highlighter on Instagram that looks strangely like the poop emoji. As it turns out the image was of Clean Slate Cosmetics' Whipped Highlighter. Lucky for viewers, she tested them out on her channel because who can resist a poop shaped highlighter?

Okay, so probably a lot of people. But once you see Westbrook's video, you may just be a believer. According to the video, these ultra-pigmented highlighters aren't a gimmick. They're actually gorgeous, and once you see Westbrook's video, you see that they wear beautifully throughout the day and have tons of payoff. Talk about a great surprise, right?

While the highlighter doesn't arrive at your home looking like everyone's favorite silly emoji — it actually comes in a small, flat-topped container —, the marketing images for it look undeniably, like, well, poop.

In fact, even on the brand's website, the images used to market the product are in the same shape.

Indaglo Whipped Highlighter, $16.50, Clean Slate Cosmetics

The texture of the product does seem to create it's poop-like appearance. In her video, Westbrook describes the consistency as similar to slime, and based on videos of the product, she doesn't seem wrong about that. It certainly does look like some sort of cross between slime and icing when placed into a container on the brand's Instagram.

Regardless of whether of not you think this is grossest thing you've ever seen, what really matters to beauty fans is whether or not it works, and turns out, it totally does.

When Westbrook initially applied the purple shade of the highlighter, it looked beautiful on her skin, but she was still unsure of how it would wear throughout the day.

After a few hours of work, it was still going strong.

At the end of the night, she'd officially made up her mind. The Clean Slate Cosmetics Whipped Highlighter is a total winner.

If you want to try out the indie brand's product, the highlighters retail for $16.50. While you may be thinking that the price is a bit steep, Westbrook also touches on the subject and makes a great point explaining that it's difficult for smaller companies to get the pricing of larger companies, who mass produce products instead of making them in small batches. Plus, the brand tells customers to use only a small amount of the products, and it truly does seem to go quit a long way. You won't be running out of it any time soon.

The Whipped Highlighters come in seven different shades. For sanitary purposes, the brand doesn't accept returns. But if this product works the way it did for Westbrook, why would you want to return it?

To get your very own poop highlighter, head over the Clean Slate Cosmetics website now, and you may just be in on one of the first trends of 2018.