'Pretty Little Liars' Fans Reflect On The Moments That Meant The Most To Them


As much as Pretty Little Liars is known for its shock value and plot twists, there's definitely depth to the beloved Freeform series. Nestled between the creepy dolls and chilling text messages, Pretty Little Liars had its share of empowering moments over the years. No, really — you didn't misread that sentence. There are plenty of scenes that showed the main characters taking a stand or finding unexpected strength in themselves. And that was meaningful to witness.

Since the PLL finale is almost here, it's worth looking back on those very moments — the ones that proved that this wasn't just a murder mystery filled with high school drama. When you dig a little deeper, you'll realize that the characters — especially Hanna, Emily, Spencer, and Aria — don't fit cookie-cutter roles, and they're so much more than teen stereotypes. The show tackled topics ranging from mental health to coming out to sexuality in general. While there were undeniably bumps along the way, the show really explored a range of issues affecting young people today in a way that didn't talk down to the audience.

In honor of that idea, below are fan responses about the times that Pretty Little Liars made them feel something deeper.

Drew, 26


Taylor, 28


Sarah, 22


Martha, 25


Kimberly, 23


Kelly, 30


Allison, 25


Next time someone tries to dismiss the show as nothing but drama, keep these PLL moments in mind. The show is leaving behind quite a legacy.