Proof Danny & Vicky From 'Full House' Were Soulmates, Whether They Realized It Or Not

Full House lived up to its name with a crowded cast of family, friends and neighbors that were, as the theme song pointed out, everywhere you looked within the Tanner household. And yet there were some relationships under the roof of that Victorian rowhouse that, close as they came, never quite worked out to a happy ending. Overly-organized head of the Tanner home Danny nearly found a perfect partner in equally particular news anchor Vicky Larson, but they had to part when pressure came at the crossroads of work and family. Still, there are 12 reasons Danny and Vicky from Full House were actually soulmates, even if their relationship came to an amicable end.

Danny first met Vicky in Season 5's "Nicky And/Or Alexander" when she joined him as guest-host on Wake Up, San Francisco. Danny was at first non-plussed about the arrangement as he'd been hosting the show on his own and didn't like the idea of someone filling in for Becky, who'd just returned from the hospital with twin boys and would be out on maternity leave for some time. After his pompous attitude fell flat, though, Danny realized how much he liked Vicky, and the very next episode Vicky realized the same.

After dating for several years, Danny eventually proposed to Vicky at Disneyland, but she got a New York City job offer too good to pass up. Danny couldn't uproot his family, and Vicky understood. Parting was sweet sorrow, but neither wanted to force the other to hold back on something they truly cared about, and that is real soulmate stuff. Here's more proof that the two characters were totally meant to be.

They Made An Amazing Team On And Off The Air

After meeting awkwardly as co-hosts, the two quickly realized they had a natural chemistry that kept going once the cameras stopped rolling.

Vicky Pushed All The Tanners Past Their Comfort Zones

Whether it was encouraging them to try something different or exposing them to something new (like pesto pasta), Vicky's boldness helped pull the Tanners out of their usual ruts.

They Weren't Afraid To Show They Cared

Despite their normally professional demeanors the two weren't afraid to express how much they liked each other, every chance they got.

Vicky Found Danny's Dorkiness Endearing

Danny Tanner can be... a lot. From his fussy cleaning to his nerdy dancing, he wasn't exactly sweeping ladies off their feet (even if he thought that was the case), but Vicky was smitten by his, uh, unique charms.

Danny Appreciated Every Facet Of Vicky

Danny was taken by surprise realizing how much he liked Vicky's forthrightness and self-motivation, but when she joined the family on vacation, he loved seeing her gentler side as well.

Age Was But A Number

In "Prom Night", Vicky revealed a little white lie — she wasn't a few months younger than Danny, but two years older. While Danny's ego took a blow for a second, Vicky reminded him that as an older woman, she'd have more experience. That got him back on track.

They Had Some Serious Sweater Game

Mark Twain supposedly said, “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” What better way to keep fashionably toasty than with his-n-hers fall-toned knitted warmth?

They Both Put Family First

Though Vicky was a career woman through-and-through, being with Danny helped her realize the importance of family. In the middle of a busy work season, she took time to head back to San Francisco for the holidays and be with the ones she loved.

They Put Each Other's Happiness Before Their Own

Danny's focus was on his family, and though Vicky was super career-driven, she came to love the Tanners like her own. When a once-in-a-lifetime job opportunity came up, Danny and Vicky found themselves on opposite sides of opinion, as well as soon to be opposite sides of the country. Sometimes true love means letting things go.

They Brought Out The Best In Each Other

Vicky balanced Danny's nitpickiness with her practicality, and her hard edges were softened by Danny's mushy romantic side.

Which Made It Worse When They Realized You Can Love Someone, And Sometimes It's Not Enough

Coming to the realization that they wanted different things from life was hard enough, but actually stepping away from each other was even harder. Sometimes breakups are easier when you're angry for just that reason; when you still care, it's even more difficult to walk away.

But The Love Will Always Be There

In a Fuller House surprise, Vicky found her way back to San Francisco to wish Danny well. It's clear they still care about each other, even though their lives have taken very different paths and, although wistful, they both know they made the right choice. Danny's happily married to wife Teri, and Vicky's got a thriving career. That doesn't mean we can't pine for what could have been, though.

Vicky and Danny were truly always meant to be.