Prosecco Doughnuts Are Here To Make All Your Dreams Come True

Doughnuts are an almost perfect food — they fit comfortably into your hand, and they taste like an angel's sugary hug. People top them with chocolate and sprinkles and bacon, they make them out of croissants, but it seemed for a while like we might be approaching the outer limits of doughnut innovation — until now. In honor of National Prosecco Day on August 13, The Doughnut Project and Ruffino Wines have come together to create Prosecco Doughnuts: the fried, boozy, carby desserts of our dreams.

These decadent, doughy treats are infused with Ruffino Prosecco, covered in icing, and sprinkled with edible gold leaf and pink glitter, according to Delish. They are what I imagine a doughnut would look like if it lived at the Plaza, had a house in the Hamptons, and wore gowns on a weekly basis.

“We believe that great food brings people together, that’s how we met!” Leslie Polizotto and Troy Neale, co-owners of The Doughnut Project told Marie Claire. “Through our mutual love of food and a passion to create something unique and exciting, we created The Doughnut Project. For the past two years we have been perfecting our recipes, craft and vision. We are very excited to partner with Ruffino to create the Prosecco Doughnut for National Prosecco Day.”

The Doughnut Project is well known for its elaborate, small-batch, deep-fried creations. In 2016, the NYC shop created the Everything Doughnut, a sweet and savory combination of two beloved breakfast foods, a doughnut and an everything bagel. Their menu also includes the Hot Ones Doughnut, a chicken wing doughnut with buffalo wings and blue cheese, and the PBJ 2.0, a doughnut filled with peanut butter whip and topped with blueberry glaze.

This isn't the store's first boozy doughnut, either. In April, they launched the TDP Cocktail Series of booze-fortified breakfasts. The series has included the NoMad Bar Doughnut, infused with bourbon and rum, and the Dutch Doughnut, which featured tequila and mezcal.

But if your August 13 is already too filled with Prosecco-related activities to find room for a doughnut, fear not. The Prosecco Doughnut will be available at The Doughnut Project's store in New York City's West Village throughout the month of August.

If you don't live in New York, here are some other delicious doughnut recipes for you to try at home. And if you didn't already know, they'll all go fabulously with a glass of Prosecco on the side.