Quotes From Jeff Flake's Essay Criticizing Trump Are So Blistering They Hurt


It's no secret that politics in 2017 is divisive. But the executive office of the current administration has become so controversial that a lawmaker has now written a book in which he laments his party's decision to go along with the president. Here are some of the most outrageous quotes from Jeff Flake's essay, published in POLITICO as an excerpt from his newly-released book, Conscious of a Conservative.

The title of the excerpt itself is bold: "My Party Is in Denial About Donald Trump." Flake, a senator from Arizona, doesn't beat around the bush. He immediately launches into a defense of voters who fiercely clung to President Donald Trump during his presidential campaign. He wrote:

From there, Flake explains that while the Democratic Party has its own problems and made its own contributions to the current political state, the GOP has largely shrugged off its responsibility and ownership for Trump.

Flake has long been divisive himself. In March 2013, just months after his reelection to the Senate, Flake was polling at just 32 percent, according to a poll from Public Policy Polling. And he made headlines earlier this year when he supported legislation for states to withhold Title IX funds from Planned Parenthood.

So, it's not entirely surprising that Flake has decided to speak out in his new book. But the comments aimed at his own party are nevertheless a bit of a shock. Here's some of the stand-out lines.

Suspension Of Critical Faculties

Flake argues that conservatives are in denial. He writes:

United States Has Been Made Dysfunctional At The Highest Levels

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He also admits that the government has become dysfunctional, saying:

"Someone Should Do Something!"

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Flake speaks of the impulse to watch the drama unfold rather than step up to stop it, writing:

Malleable Principles

He also scolds Republicans for putting the party before principles, saying,

White House Rejected Authority Of Intelligence Agencies

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He reminds conservatives of Trump's refusal to admit Russia interfered with the election, despite government findings that it did:

Taking Our Institutions Of Freedom For Granted

At the end of the excerpt, Flake classifies the current political landscape reckless, saying:

Given that this is just a small slice of Flake's book, it will be interesting to see what else he has to say about the party.